Dorchester voters could decide on funding for new libraries and parks (copy)

The Seago library in Summerville is outdated and too small, county officials said. file photo

Tuesday will be a special day for Dorchester County voters. It’s another opportunity to vote on funding for libraries and parks. There are two referendums, one for each issue.

Three years ago, 61% of voters approved a bond issue to fund both, but the vote was negated.

Now, an amazing second chance is available to vote “yes” for improving the quality of life for Dorchester County residents by voting “yes” on both questions.

Libraries have been important in my life since I was a child. I remember walking into a building that seemed like heaven on Earth. There were row upon row of shelves filled with books, each full of adventure and information that educated and entertained me.

I found a limitless world and people to meet. My curiosity blossomed and my enthusiasm for learning became a lifelong dedication.

These days, I also look for something else in my library: kindred spirits in other patrons and the library staff. I find kindred spirits in children, students, older couples, job searchers, magazine and newspaper readers, computer users. The Westvaco room is often busy with classes, meetings and activities for various age groups.

I will be voting “yes” for libraries. When I do, I will be voting to give something both tangible and intangible to all Dorchester County residents. Libraries aren’t just buildings, they’re treasure troves of resources.


King’s Court


Misleading mailers

Recently, Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg has been the target of three misleading and offensive mailers from “Citizens for a Better Charleston, LLC,” addressing flooding, overdevelopment and traffic. This is my understanding of the mayor’s efforts in those areas.

The mayor did not say he fixed flooding. The mayor formed a standalone stormwater commission, enlisting the help of a flood-control expert from the Netherlands to advise the commission.

Charleston Mayor Tecklenburg's campaign demands a stop to dark money ads

Overdevelopment is the product of former Mayor Joe Riley’s tenure, with projects breaking ground now after a lengthy permitting process. The mayor is fighting a bureaucracy amenable to development, favoring expanding the tax base rather than preserving the quality of life in the city.

The explosion of traffic began long before the mayor’s tenure, fueled by the unfettered construction noted above. One need only look at the mayor’s accomplishments to see what he has done for Charleston.

The street address for Citizens for a Better Charleston, LLC is a mailbox drop in a space that, in 2017, was “In the Kitchen.” The organization has no website. Its members are not identified. The founder is the former law partner of Mike Seekings who shares office space with Mr. Seekings.

The group accurately described its own actions, “Not the Charleston Way.”

Why did Mr. Seekings and the council members not do something substantive about these issues when they first had the chance?


Putnam Drive


Not the whole story

A letter writer in the Oct. 28 Post and Courier stated that he emailed me with a number of questions about my candidacy for Summerville Town Council and that I blew him off.

I did tell him that, as a candidate, I didn’t have time to answer so many questions via email, but then I gave him my cellphone number and asked him to call me so we could talk about it one-on-one. I also offered to meet in person.

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Answering every email takes a long time when a person can easily just pick up the phone and chat, especially when every email spawns more questions and more email. When did it become so wrong to just talk to people directly?

I have posted my cellphone number on every mailing and in multiple digital ads. It’s 843-200-9096. I’m happy to chat with anyone in Summerville who has questions about my views.


South Laurel Street


Turning their backs

The latest $500,000 gift to the Mother Emanuel Memorial Foundation confirms the continuing goodness of empathetic donors around the world. Millions of dollars have already been donated. More will be coming.

Charleston Emanuel Nine shooting memorial receives half a million dollar grant

While it is important to memorialize this historic violent event, we should not forget those who survived it, like the 11-year-old child shielded by her grandmother’s body as 77 shots rang out. The dazed child wandered through the blood of her loved ones to find a drink of water for her dying uncle. This child, likely scarred more than any other survivor, has never shared in the generosity of those who gave so much.

Why is it that the church hierarchy has turned its back on this child and her grandmother? Neither has received a penny.


Legareville Road

Johns Island