Tywanza Sanders was a poet, barber and businessman (copy) (copy)

At 26, Tywanza Sanders was the youngest of the nine parishioners killed at Emanuel AME Church.

Emanuel AME church, shooting survivors form bonds with other traumatized houses of worship

On Saturday, Second Presbyterian Church will remember the youngest person lost in the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in 2015.

Tywanza Sanders, the entire Sanders family and the Emanuel Nine will be remembered and honored on Tywanza’s birthday.

That tragic event four years ago wounded an entire church community and beyond. Let us continue holding our brothers and sisters in our hearts as healing is painful and often slow.

I hope some day to read some of Tywanza’s poetry, including “Reasons Why I Lock People Out.”

The celebration will be 3-6 p.m. at the church, 342 Meeting St.


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Is it presidential?

How can we, as citizens of the greatest country on earth, sit back and be complacent with a president that exudes racism and bigotry?

The act of communicating “Those women should go back to where they were born” is about as racist as you can be. The president’s aide Kelly Anne Conway is another crony who’s only purpose in life is to stir the pot, try to cover for the president. But this time it is not going to work.

The four progressive democrats were elected, not put in office by the electoral college, and have used their position to speak their mind.

This country was founded in differences of opinion, as long as it doesn’t affect our legal rights, and the right to protest as well.

As duly elected officials, they should be afforded the same respect as the president himself. In his tenure as president, he has said derogatory remarks about most of our partner countries, called women dogs, called immigrants into this country rapists and murderers, and has on a weekly basis made our country look like a spoiled brat on the world stage.

Go back where you came from, or should I say “go back to where your daddy gave you money from.”


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Remarks not racist

The July 17 Post and Courier contained a front-page article headlined, “Sanford for president?” by Caitlin Byrd.

Mark Sanford, SC Republican, former US Rep, considers presidential run against Trump

The article contains the unvarnished statement that “Sanford’s announcement comes as Trump faces renewed fire … over racist comments directed at four Democratic congresswomen.”

I note that the word “racist” has no qualifier such as an observation that “some people considered” the comments racist. Nor did it say that the president’s comments were “allegedly” racist. No, the word “racist” stands unconditional.

When I reached her by phone, I politely told her that I didn’t think any reporter should insert his or her opinion into a news story. Ms. Byrd told me that this was a judgment by news editors, and that the issue had been under discussion by newspapers across the country. I told her the fact that it was “under discussion” perfectly proved the anti-Trump bias that infects the media.

I told her that I am joined by millions of others in the opinion that Mr. Trump’s remarks were not racist. That being the case, any statement claiming the president’s remarks were racist cannot be anything other than an opinion, which journalistic ethics claim to abhor.


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True Americans

Unfortunately, I realize I will have to point out a fact of which many people in this country are still woefully ignorant.

The only true Americans are Native Americans. They were here when the pilgrims landed in Plymouth. And they lived all over what we now call the United States.

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This means that unless your ancestors were Native American, you are an immigrant. The president is an immigrant and it is time for him to go back where he came from. Send ICE to deport him.


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Space not a waste

I disagree with the July 14 Post and Courier opinion piece by Kirkpatrick Sale advocating that we should “Stop wasting money on space.”

I find that his position for reducing poverty might be a more worthy goal trivializes the remarkable progress and advances of the space program. He believes that the $601 billion spent on the space program was loaded into a rocket and sent to space, removing the dollars from the economy.

Commentary: Stop wasting money in space

This is false, as it is conservatively estimated that the space program pumps $10 into the economy for every $1 spent. I would argue that spending on space has done more to eliminate poverty than any other federal program .

I also disagree with Mr. Sale devaluing the advances of the space program (Tang, freeze dried food, memory foam).

It’s important to recognize that many NASA inventions impact our lives daily. CT scans, heart pumps, GPS technology, food safety technology, clothing advances and technology for painting restorations are just a few.

None of these were envisioned when presidents John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower pushed America to begin the space program, but we should be ever grateful that the program has existed.

Finally, the idea that a check should be given to grown people, rather than spend money on space, is as insulting as it is stupefying. We should know by now that giving something without expecting results is both degrading and will result in more poverty.


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