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Letters to the Editor: Santee Cooper should commit to clean energy

Santee Cooper (copy) (copy)

South Carolina lawmakers are debating the sale of Santee Cooper. File/Staff

As a South Carolina citizen who pays a utility bill, I am invested in my state’s energy source and consumption.

I am also invested in the transition to clean energy for future generations.

SC lawmakers have a lot to absorb in Santee Cooper sale debate

As mentioned in the Jan. 12 Post and Courier article “SC Lawmakers have a lot to absorb in Santee Cooper sale debate,” critical decisions regarding the state’s energy production are on the cusp of being made, likely in the next few days.

Santee Cooper’s transition to more renewable energy would mean less air and water pollution as well as economic benefits for millions of South Carolinians.

I think it is reasonable for Santee Cooper to commit to transitioning to 100% clean energy by 2050 as it is in the best interests of ratepayers.


America Street


Vote in November

An impeached president is acquitted and the country needs to regroup.

Truth is in small supply these days, and the Constitution has been virtually shredded by the GOP and Donald Trump’s sycophants.

After acquittal, President Trump unleashes fury at impeachment

Let’s make sure we do our homework and vote a true patriot into office in November.

Please, South Carolina, step up to the plate and be like Mitt Romney and have the courage to take back our government and democracy.


Barfield Street

Daniel Island

Time to reconcile

My fellow Americans, are you not disgusted and frustrated over this impeachment debacle?

Have we as a people separated into two totally unyielding partisan camps?

Commentary: Beyond impeachment -- restoring our democracy

Has it become impossible to take one issue at a time that divides us, present facts, discuss views, respect conclusions and then move onto a second issue and so forth?

Start with the pro-life/pro-choice issue, elicit fact-based conclusions and actually listen with both ears and an open mind to the reasons put forth by each person.

Remove from any discourse emotions and long-held dislikes that fuel distrust that overrides reasons and considerations put forth in earnest.

Take my word for it that if we, as a fragmented people, continue on the road we have traveled for the past three years, we can only reap the soured fruits of mistrust and hostility and remain a lost and divided as a nation. Settle our differences. Reconcile. 


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Pelican Reach

Isle of Palms

Where’s the money?

The South Carolina Legislature funds special projects but doesn’t disclose what happens to our money. More than $37 million has gone missing.

Editorial: Congratulations! You just won the SC budget lottery. And the rest of us lost.

Sen. Richard Harpootlian calls these earmarks “immaculate appropriations.” He has called for legislators to tell us where the money went.

We shouldn’t depend on the self-reporting of legislators. Gov. Henry McMaster said he would tell us where the money goes in the future. That’s not good enough.

We can track dangerous substances cradle-to-grave, send out an Amber Alert when someone goes missing and reconstruct the facts of an accident or crime years later.

In our digital age, the state government can’t tell us where taxpayer money goes? Maybe we bought a bridge in Brooklyn. Who knows? Maybe some of it was thieved.

The Government Finance Officers Association issued a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to South Carolina.

The state’s auditor certified the “maintenance of internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.”

But the Department of Defense still can’t tell us where all of its $2.9 trillion goes. I get that.

Surely S.C. Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom and outside auditors can tell us where the $37 million-plus went.

We should know what happened to the money.


S.C. Highway 174

Edisto Island

Troublesome notion

Hicks column: South Carolina should be embarrassed it has no hate crime law

Brian Hicks’ Feb. 2 column on the need for a hate crime law prompts this question:

How do we declare the murder of one human being more significant than the murder of another?

Why should motivation be the factor that determines the gravity of the crime?

This is a troublesome notion.


Monhegan Way

Mount Pleasant

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