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Former special counsel Robert Mueller testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his report on Russian election interference, on Capitol Hill on July 24 in Washington. file/Alex Brandon/AP

After special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony July 24, I need either a drink or a lobotomy.

This just continues to prove how divided we are, and how our beliefs, or what we choose to believe, is making us doubt what is true on any subject we see on social media. This includes what comes from the press and from our elected leaders.

Just because something is said does not warrant acting like your beliefs are the only ones that are the truth. Many seem to act as if it doesn’t matter what the facts are, just as long as it comes from their side of the fence.

That is not what this country was founded on and not what we are looking for in a leader, especially one who continuously defies the law and thinks he is above the law. Does it matter what he has done or does it matter what you believe because he is on your side of the fence? That’s something to think about.

People have a right to believe whatever they want, but when truth is dismissed, this affects us all as a nation and a united country. At least that’s how we started.


Taylor Circle

Goose Creek

Clamagore funds

In a July 23 story, WCSC-TV reported that Patriots Point hopes to sink the Clamagore in April 2021.

The figure approved by the Legislature is listed at $2.7 million.

SC lawmakers overturn McMaster vetoes on USS Clamagore, restoring money to sink it

To reef a ship requires making it environmentally neutral, removing all equipment, wiring, piping and insulation as well as cleaning remaining fuel and oil tanks.

If $2.7 million can cover all this work, why can’t it be used to repair the Clamagore, the last FRAM 3 Guppy in the world?


Bridgecreek Drive

Goose Creek

Climate change impact

Climate change is being taken seriously by some in Charleston, but the push to extend Interstate 526 should indicate that others are not seriously considering the issue.

Any observant adult who has spent a decade or more in an urban environment has seen that adding new roads leads to urban sprawl.

Highway 'boondoggles' report offers insights for Charleston

Urban sprawl will create a larger area needing protection. To protect existing development from sea rise will be expensive enough without adding more areas to protect.

Population needs could be addressed by modifying zoning laws to encourage increased density in already developed areas.

Protecting a smaller footprint is surely less costly than protecting one that continues to expand.

Charleston County should face the fact that extending I-526 onto Johns Island will cost more than the estimated $725 million to complete. There are higher priorities for Charleston than building more highways that encourage urban sprawl.


White Pond Boulevard


Safe bike paths needed

Over the last few years, my husband and I have committed to a bikes-only rule for at least one day a week.

I do not consider myself to be a particularly strong bicyclist, so having a multitude of established bike lanes and paths in Mount Pleasant, especially over the Ravenel Bridge, is a bit of a saving grace.

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Wonders Way, the path over the Ravenel Bridge, allows citizens to exercise and commute safely.

When we leave Mount Pleasant to adventure downtown or west of the Ashley, however, the lack of safe spaces, particularly along the Highway 17 and 61 corridors, is evident.

Editorial: Ashley River bike and pedestrian bridge remains a necessity

I empathize with the frustration and fear that West Ashley residents must feel on their bicycles. What West Ashley does have, however, are the Greenway and Bikeway.

There is potential to fund a separate bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Ashley River that would connect to these paths. I would love to see this link between downtown Charleston and West Ashley and, ultimately, connecting to East Cooper come to fruition.

The benefits it would bring to the community are extensive. By providing access over the river, we unlock a piece of the puzzle that will allow residents and visitors to enjoy a safe transportation choice.

Local governments are applying for federal funds to assist with this project. I urge Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott to lead the way for funding the Ashley River bike and pedestrian bridge this year.


Ebbtide Way

Mount Pleasant

Trump taxes

Was there really any doubt that President Trump would not release his taxes? If so, the fact that Trump has sued to keep them from being released should erase all doubt.


Colleton Drive


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