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Letters to the Editor: Recovery from economic, climate crises must help all

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The COVID-19 crisis is compounded by the climate crisis we face as a world, nation and state.

As we take action to confront the myriad problems we face associated with these crises, we must commit ourselves to policies that are science based and that prioritize such things as clean energy and universal health care that benefit all citizens rather than primarily the interests of corporations and the wealthy.


Boathouse Close

Mount Pleasant

Bus riders need shelter

The citizens of Charleston County need shelters covering bus stops that will keep riders dry.

During a recent rain, I and other passengers at the Citadel Mall bus stop were soaked before the vehicles arrived.

The bus stops downtown have a covered area that allows riders to stay dry.

It would be nice to have coverings at other county bus stops. CARTA and Charleston County should make this happen.


Tarbit Road

Johns Island

Be informed voters

In this country, there exist many political parties.

I urge all voters to analyze each candidate to the fullest extent. This should include their history, morals, beliefs, conduct and scruples.

No political party can have the proper individuals for every elected position. Your vote counts in every local, state and national election.

Vote for the most qualified individual to help lead this country for the better.

If you feel that any individual is not qualified, leave the position blank. You do not have to cast a vote for every position, but vote for the right individual.


Longstreet Street


Obama at fault on court

Democrats are now asking themselves why President Barack Obama didn’t fight for Merrick Garland for Supreme Court justice as hard as President Donald Trump fought for candidates Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh and will fight to get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Democrats are also wondering why Obama didn’t encourage Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was in her 80s and in poor health, to gracefully retire during his second term in office in time for him to appoint a nominee that matched the progressive judicial view.

And Democrats now regret Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., not heeding Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell’s advice to not do away with the filibuster.

Obama let McConnell block his candidate. He was confident Hillary Clinton would win in 2016. So he backed down on a fight to confirm Garland.

But Trump won. Now, Democrats are in shock because Trump will fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat.

Democrats demand that Ginsburg’s seat not be filled until after the election. But Trump clearly has the constitutional authority, the votes in the Senate and the iron will to see his third textualist candidate confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Any Democrats upset with President Trump’s plan to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat should redirect their anger at former President Obama for not using his bully pulpit to fight, with Sen. Reid for invoking the nuclear option and with Hillary Clinton for getting wiped out in the Electoral College in 2016.


Darts Cove Way

Mount Pleasant

Dishonorable discharge

Our nation and our military have always placed a high premium on the values of honor, respect and integrity. We have not seen these values demonstrated by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who proudly points out his service as a military lawyer.

The hypocritical reversal of his 2016 statement that the next president, regardless of party, should not fill a Supreme Court vacancy during the final year of their first term as president when the primary process had already begun shows a glaring lack of honesty, reliability and integrity.

I am struggling with how we are to teach our children these values when one of South Carolina’s senators so publicly and blatantly exhibits a lack of these virtues for all to see.

I suggest that Sen. Graham has earned a dishonorable discharge from our service, and that the honest and honorable citizens and veterans of South Carolina will provide what he has earned.


Arabian Drive


Use money on homeless

By now we voters are quite familiar with the political candidates: their assets and liabilities.

If they truly want to serve the American public, they should take their remaining advertising money and feed the homeless since I am already full on what they have been “feeding” me.


Creek Stone Way


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