Renounce violence

Vigils planned in Charleston Monday for El Paso, Dayton shooting victims

We have just witnessed yet another act of white nationalist domestic terrorism, this time targeting Hispanics in El Paso Texas. (The facts regarding the second mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, were yet to be revealed).

I will credit President Donald Trump for condemning the El Paso shootings, but I suspect that he did so based on the advice of one of his political strategists.

Trump, of course, will deny that the hatred, violence and eliminationism that he espouses and spews on a nearly daily basis is in any way responsible for these acts. His words and tweets have made overt racism, hatred and targeting of “others” the norm of Republicans.

I don’t expect that Trump will change; he is an amoral being and is incapable of rising above the maturity of a 4-year old.

Sen. Lindsey Graham was correct when he stated during his run to be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee that Trump is unfit for the office. When will Republicans and Trump supporters in general have enough of Trump’s pathological lying, narcissism and racist dog whistles?

I challenge Sens. Graham and Tim Scott to put the country ahead of their partisanship and renounce Trump’s calls to violence.


Dragoon Drive

Mount Pleasant

One-sided fight

Was there not at least one person in that Walmart on Saturday with a concealed carry permit and legally carrying a gun?


Apollo Road


Nation torn apart

On Sunday morning, after a horrific weekend in America, I watched segments of both “Morning Joe” and “Fox and Friends.” The difference could not have been more dramatic.

Peter Maas wrote “Love Thy Neighbor” after his work reporting on the war in Bosnia in the early 1990s, concluding, “I am now more aware of the fragility of human relations and more aware of what being a Jew can mean. I learned this from the Muslims of Bosnia, who made two fatal mistakes. They thought that being a minority group no longer mattered in civilized Europe, and they thought the wild beast had been tamed. (The wild beast had earlier been defined as living in man, but not shown until the barriers of law and custom were removed.)

“They failed to realize that although a person may attach little importance to his religion, other people might take notice one day, and just because your society seems stable does not mean it will always be so.

“Muslims versus Christians, Jews versus non-Jews, whites versus blacks, poor versus rich. There are so many seams along which a society may be torn apart by the manipulators.

“These are the lessons of Bosnia that have stayed with me and, perhaps, altered me. The wild beast is out there, and the ground no longer feels so steady under my feet.”

Add exclusive viewers of Fox News versus exclusive nonviewers of Fox News to the ways Maas described about how “a society may be torn apart by the manipulators.”


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Gadsden Creek

Public hearing scheduled for Aug. 7 on proposal to fill in Charleston's Gadsden Creek
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It is my belief that within ourselves each of us contains undiscovered strengths and forces that can draw goodness from within to perform amazing feats and accomplishments.

That said, will you stand with me because I am small and I need your help in saving one of the last creeks on my beloved peninsula of Charleston?

I do not, even at my age, mind things disappearing, but only when the replacement honors the legacy of my ancestors who made Charleston what it was, not what it is today, and guarantees my fellow man a better place to live, not only today but also tomorrow.

Please help me see that a large bronze plaque will one day cast a shadow over “Gadsden Creek,” that our children might read that the people of Charleston saved “Gadsden Creek” on Aug. 7, 2019, by turning out en masse at Burke High School to protest the injustice to our environment by developers and development-minded people who desire to fill in Gadsden Creek. The meeting is from 6-8 p.m. at 244 President St., Charleston.


Rutledge Avenue


C-SPAN show

I would like to encourage my fellow citizens to take a couple of minutes out of their busy lives and watch C-SPAN to get a better idea how Congress works to help our citizens and understand how diligently they work on our behalf.

Wasting this much time in high school would have demanded detention.


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