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Letters to the Editor: Protect health of all during holiday season

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Virus spikes have officials looking to shore up hospitals (copy)

Medical Assistant Savannah Dela Vega removes her face mask in the staff room at the respiratory clinic that tests for coronvirus in Casper, Wyoming. Across the nation, health officials are reporting increased numbers of people hospitalized with the virus.

At Roper St. Francis Healthcare, I’m concerned we soon will see another rise in positive COVID-19 cases and hospital admissions. This is a disheartening development given it’s within our power to protect ourselves from the virus.

Now more than ever, it’s critical we take precautions by wearing a mask, washing our hands often, socially distancing from one another, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and monitoring our own health. These are basic steps, but we can go a step further.

I ask that you join our health care system’s team in making personal sacrifices this holiday season.

Nothing about 2020 has been easy. I recognize these decisions will be difficult, but we must consider the health and safety of others.

Some parties and social gatherings may not be safe. Let’s be bold in declining those invitations because attending is not in the best interest of ourselves, our loved ones or even strangers.

We all are tired of the disruption COVID-19 has caused, but we can’t afford to let our guard down now, especially as we approach these winter months.

We are at a decisive juncture in the Lowcountry, and we must continue to fight this life-threatening virus every way we can.

If you’re planning to travel over the holidays or planning to host a gathering, Roper St. Francis Healthcare is recommending you get tested at least three days before traveling and that you quarantine after testing.

You can visit any Roper St. Francis Express Care locations from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, and you’ll get your results within two days.

We want to help you take care of yourself and protect one another. We are in this together.


Senior vice president and chief physician officer

Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Halsey Boulevard


Elector voting

Long ago, as an engineering student at The Citadel, I enjoyed the required course in engineering law taught by Col. Louis S. LeTellier.

He urged us to read the Constitution, amendments and applicable law carefully but to keep in mind the “flexibility” clause, and not to expect government to perform exactly as expected.

In the last part of the 18th century, people in some British Colonies in North America initiated changes that were adapted by other countries, but with great variety in how they chose their leaders.

The prime minister in the United Kingdom, for instance, is chosen by a few thousand elite members of the party that won the election. Other countries use coalitions or new elections to choose the head of government. A separate head of state often provides stability.

I believe there will be many changes in governments throughout the world after this election and the pandemic are over, perhaps reverting to less freedom.

For millennia, ordinary people had little control over their property or relationships.

With few exceptions, governments, including great empires, were tyrannical and capricious, hierarchical and durable.

In the United States, preliminary activities precede the Dec. 14 giving of electoral votes for president and vice president, which is the only election that counts.

The outcome of that is almost certain, but there may be surprises.

To quote Niels Boer, a Danish physicist and winner of the 1922 Nobel Prize in physics: “Prediction is difficult, particularly about the future.”

Try to be calm and get on with life.


English Street

North Charleston

Widening Bohicket

I live off of Betsy Kerrison Parkway on Johns Island.

For the 30-plus years that I have been here, growth has been nonstop. The reason I moved out here was to get out of a crowded city and to get some fresh air.

I enjoy driving on Bohicket Road with all the trees, nature and undeveloped land.

Those of us who have been here for some time are unhappy about all the growth happening. It pains me to see so much traffic being added to the roads.

I have to wonder who is benefiting from all this new money. Is it the real estate agents, the politicians or the landowners who have no other way to survive on the island?

I now see this island as one giant parking lot. If that is what the folks moving out here want, it is now here.

Johns Island will be no more. Goodbye to a quiet environment where you can breathe.


Habitat Boulevard

Johns Island

Graham’s actions

Sen. Lindsey Graham is the man The Post and Courier urged South Carolina residents to vote for in the recent election.

Now, he is accused of urging a Georgia state official to invalidate ballots.

According to The Washington Post, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said he spoke on Friday to Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who has echoed Trump’s unfounded claims about voting irregularities.

Graham asked whether Raffensperger had the power to toss all mail ballots in counties found to have higher rates of nonmatching signatures, Raffensperger said.

I find it inconceivable that The Post and Courier would find Graham worthy of any vote or the honor of being our state’s representative in the U.S. Senate.


Delhi Road

North Charleston

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