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Letters to the Editor: Numbers to consider when you vote in 2020

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South Carolina's primary is June 9 and the general election is Nov. 3. File/Lauren Petracca/Staff

There are about 160 days until Nov. 3, which is a very crucial day for all us who wish to take back our government and country during an extremely frightening time.

Here are some numbers I would like all voters in South Carolina and beyond to be aware of before you step into a voting booth or mail in your ballot.

■ More than 90,000 people have died in less than four months in the United States.

■ More than 1 million have been infected by the novel coronavirus.

■ We have 14.7% unemployment in our country.

Please sear this information into your memory because these numbers will be higher by November.

We can help make a difference, so please vote in 2020.


Barfield Street

Daniel Island

Back to normal?

For the past two months, all I read about was the coronavirus.

I could hardly wait to get back to normal.

Yes, we are getting back to normal. Now I am reading about shootings. Sad.


Old Washington Course


Vote for Brownstein

I lived next door to Daniel Brownstein until my family moved to Park West recently, so I know he is a great neighbor and he would make an excellent representative for District 112 in the S.C. House.

He spends a lot of time with his kids and family, and we trusted them to watch our two beloved golden retrievers while we were out of town.

He became friends with my oldest son, Forrest, who helped Daniel fix his cars.

I own Iron Tribe Fitness in Mount Pleasant. It took a while to get Daniel to come to the gym, but once he did, he has been a regular for the past three years.

I’ve watched him sweat and struggle and reach his goals. He shows up with a smile and is friends with the staff and other gym members.

He invited a friend, Alan, and they won a weight-loss challenge last year. He supports our annual fundraising efforts to build clean water wells in impoverished countries.

I have seen Daniel waiting at the bus stop for his kids, lying on the gym floor after a hard workout and manning a grill at a neighborhood block party.

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He’s an all-around good guy who’s got what it takes to win, and I think his relaxed, yet determined, approach is just what our residents need.

I urge all District 112 voters to pick Daniel Brownstein in the Democratic primary on June 9.


Sewee Fort Road

Mount Pleasant

Buy American again

What has happened to investing in “made in America”?

The Federal Employee Retirement System invests money in Chinese equities.

The U.S. military buys clothing worn by soldiers that has a “made in China” label.

Some of our municipalities buy drones made in China to watch citizens enjoying themselves at parks and beaches.

I think China has more than its nose under our tent. I think it has a plate at the buffet and it is feasting on our huge economy.


Filly Court

North Charleston

The ‘eyes’ have it

Maybe it’s the fact that I was raised in a different era (I’m 62), or am an extrovert or that I simply draw strength from connecting with others.

Whatever the reason, I believe now, more than ever, it is important to acknowledge one another as we pass with eye contact, at the least, or better yet, with a smile and word of greeting.

We find ourselves rushing from one place to the next, connected to the lifelines that are our phones and earbuds and maybe we need a moment of solace to think to ourselves.

Regardless, it is during this time, when greetings can be awkward, that we truly need to stay connected.

We need to make eye contact 6 feet away; we need to smile with our eyes; we need to extend ourselves in genuine warmth to one another.

The year 2020 will be unforgettable, burned into each of our memories in a special way. Hopefully, it also will mark a time that human connection grew, that we lifted our eyes up and became more aware of the people we pass so they do not merely go by unseen but are kindly acknowledged.

That smile may be the highlight of their day. With that small gesture, you too may feel more connected.

If you agree, say “eye.”


Ionsborough Street

Mount Pleasant

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