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The proposed I-73 Interstate at U.S. Highway 17 in Mount Pleasant Friday. 

I read the July 18 Post and Courier editorial “South Carolina doesn’t need any new interstates” with great interest and conclude it is spot on.

The only disagreement I have is with the reference to “80 percent or even 100 percent of Horry County residents” wanting this road.

Editorial: South Carolina doesn't need any new interstates

I moved here in 2012 and have always thought it a waste of resources.

The state needs to put its money into education and infrastructure (the already existing kind) and not I-73.


11th Avenue North

Surfside Beach

Migrant children

My wife and I welcomed our first child into the world recently. As I write this letter, my daughter is sleeping in her nursery with art, books and more baby toys and products than I knew existed. When she wakes up, we will tell her we love her countless times today.

Also as I write this, babies are sleeping on concrete floors in migrant detention centers, with chain-link fences for walls, foil blankets and none of the comforts a child should have.

For many, the love of a mother is replaced by a passing uniformed guard serving as a human symbol that these children are unwanted.

Children have died in these detention centers. Even President Trump’s secretary of Homeland Security has pleaded that the conditions need to be improved.

Our country is using these children as an immigration deterrent.

That is the stated policy: Make the migration process horrific for children who are already here so others are deterred from coming.

You know who else uses child suffering as a tool? Warlords and terrorists using child soldiers and child suicide bombers.

If you believe in the sanctity of human life, especially children’s lives, then you must believe that causing children to suffer for political or policy purposes violates that sanctity.

I represent many children in my legal practice. Children are fragile yet resilient; they need love and support from the adults around them.

Instead, America is causing child trauma and suffering. We must do better.


Wakendaw Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

USC president

Let’s get the facts straight. Gov. Henry McMaster is a member of the University of South Carolina Board of Trustees.

He has the same vote as the other members.

Caslen pledges to make USC a 'preeminent' college, apologizes for remarks

Retired Army Gen. Bob Caslen did not get his three stars by acclamation. He earned them.

I’m sorry, students and faculty, but you are not a part of the selection process. Get your degree and get on the board and then you can have your say and vote.

Board members are responsible for selecting the new leader to run USC and they have done their job.

I hope the entire USC community will support the new president and let him do his job.

A side note: Just because someone gives the university a ton of money does not give them the right to interfere with the process.

Those people can apply for the board like anyone else. Good luck, Gen. Caslen. My taxes pay your salary and I hope you do an excellent job. Let’s quit being so negative and move forward.


Retired Air Force lieutenant colonel

Waring Street


Lowry is wrong

In his July 21 column in The Post and Courier, Rich Lowry says many things without substantiation.

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He takes egregious liberties in characterizing the departure of Dr. Leana Wen as president of Planned Parenthood with not one quote from her about it.

He also writes, “no matter how dishonestly it (Planned Parenthood) presents the statistics related to its services, the organization is about abortion first and last, now and forever.”

What are these so-called “dishonest statistics” and what is his proof of their being dishonest?

Because Lowry has a public megaphone, he should be held accountable for the inflammatory and sensationalist journalism he spews.

More to the point, why not change this discussion once and for all? Why not demand that the pharmaceutical industry divert the fortune it spends on enhancing male sexual performance to developing drugs that result in male infertility?

Women are sick and tired of being the ones primarily responsible for controlling reproduction, and we are sick and tired of having our choices threatened.

It’s your turn now, gentleman. It’s easy … just swallow this little pill. Who’ll be the first?


Ashley Avenue


Heart for the world

I have been a volunteer at Water Mission since 2005 and can attest to the fact that the organization is full of highly skilled and dedicated men and women, both staff and volunteers.

Not to lessen anyone’s contributions, I think all would agree that from the beginning co-founder Molly Greene has been the heart and soul of the ministry at Water Mission.

SC resident who worked to bring clean water to millions drowns in the Bahamas

She was a wonderful Christian with a heart for those suffering around the world, a ray of sunshine, a daily blessing and an inspiration to all.

She will be sorely missed.


Ladson Street


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