Good things are happening in the town of Mount Pleasant, thanks to support from our elected officials, volunteers and town employees.

I’d like to thank all 583 town employees for their excellent performance as shown in the 2018 annual report.

Town employees are committed to public service and guided by our mission to deliver superior performance to our citizens.

Commitment to the mission resulted in the town receiving in 2018 the prestigious All-America City designation from the National Civic League.

This is the top award a municipality can receive. While managing increasing demands from a growing community, the town maintained its top-level financial position and reduced crime.

Staff successfully served more than 77,000 recreation participants, responded to 5,600 emergency medical calls, repaired nearly 5,000 feet of stormwater pipes and installed almost 7,000 feet of new sidewalks, just to name a few accomplishments. And with hard work and grit, they supported the community through severe weather and the closure of I-526.

Throughout every department, town employees pursued with vigor and professionalism our vision to be South Carolina’s leader in municipal government.

I extend my appreciation to each of them on a job well done. Public service matters.

To see the town’s 2018 annual report, go to our website at www


Town administrator

Town of Mount Pleasant

Ann Edwards Lane

Mount Pleasant

Lighthouse change

That was a nice picture of the Sullivan’s Island lighthouse in the June 2 Post and Courier.

Am I the only one who remembers its original colors (white and red-orange) before it was changed to black?


Coming Street


Cruise terminal

I believe creating a cruise terminal for larger ships would result in tremendous tax revenue for the state.

For years I looked forward to Royal Caribbean bringing large ships to Charleston.

The state provides ample opportunity for preserving the ecology (birds, alligators, etc.) and it should take the opportunity to increase tax revenue and create jobs related to the cruise ship industry.

I know many people from New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia who enjoy cruising.

Most drive past South Carolina to Florida to board cruise ships.

This results in a loss to the Charleston and South Carolina hospitality industries.

While many Royal Caribbean cruisers are money conscious, they would love to board a ship in South Carolina instead of driving to Florida.

For South Carolina, there could be income for hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions visited by the cruisers.


Eastern Isle Avenue


US after 2020?

The 2020 political races have become so polarized that both parties are trampling core principles of the Constitution just to achieve their own political goals.

These revered American values have become mere weapons of convenience in the battle for power over control of the government.

Have politicians become so obsessed with defeating President Donald Trump that they are ignoring the immediate needs of citizens?

Trump may retain his support because of his successful economic policies that have improved the GDP and boosted employment.

Or could it be that people support him because there are now 23 candidates running for the Democratic nomination?

That wide field makes it hard to understand why some voters would support socialist platforms favored by some of these candidates.

Hand it to the Democrats for being more effective with their messaging.

The 645,000 fallen American heroes whom we recently honored would be disappointed in our uncompromising partisan politics.


Rosewood Drive


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His fragile wife of more than 60 years sat in the swing under the pecan tree they planted together over 50 years before. As the three of us made ourselves comfortable in the breeze under the shade of that tree, the veteran proudly shared with me that he had just completed removing the trailer hitch from his car saying with emphasis, “Got it done.”

It was a great accomplishment while battling a life-limiting illness.

After a time, he drifted into his memories of being at Normandy, including the fear, the strength and presence of God with him on that day.

He spoke with reverence and love for all those with him at Normandy, especially the soldier who pulled him out of the water with encouragement when they landed on the beach.

He recalled coming home from war convinced that if he could see a paycheck for $20 a week, he could make it. Looking around his yard, he punctuated that with his favorite phrase that day, “Got it done.”

The wars of past and present rage on in the hearts and minds of many, mingled with thanksgiving and grief.

May we seek ongoing listening and compassion at the table, or under your favorite tree, until on all shores and in all lives the grief is acknowledged, healing continues and freedom, safety and justice ring true. This veteran offers us these considerations to ponder and honor:

1. What might one learn from this WWII veteran?

2. How does one face grief or a life-limiting illness?

3. Do we practice pulling each other up?

4. Could you, did you, or do you, make it on $20 a week?


Maple Grove Drive


Traffic situation

I recently encountered an unsafe traffic situation. A center strip was added to U.S. Highway 78 off Berlin Myers Parkway to prevent vehicles from turning left onto the access road and the businesses along Berlin Myers Parkway.

The solution to the left turn off Highway 78 would have been to remove the concrete divider on the access road.

The DOT solution creates an unsafe situation that impacts all the businesses along the access road.


Amen Corner


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