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The historic Morris Island Lighthouse sits in the ocean between Morris Island and Folly Beach just before sunrise.

Much thanks to the Post and Courier for the great photo and comments on National Lighthouse Day. We are fortunate to have a supportive local paper and staff who care about our mission of saving the Morris Island Lighthouse.

Our group is celebrating our 20th year of existence after forming Save the Light Inc.

We are celebrating because we are moving toward saving the historic tower now surrounded by water.

We are headed into Phase III, the final phase to renovate the tower. We have stabilized the foundation so the tower will not fall over, but the structure needs repairs.

We have a plan and just need the backing and support from our great state and all of those who care about the lighthouse.

This lighthouse was called Charleston Light until the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse replaced it in 1962. Please consider joining our capital campaign as we move into this next phase.

Save the Light Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 1999 by a group of concerned citizens who bought the lighthouse from an individual, created a plan and vision to save it, deeded it to the state of South Carolina in 2000 and leased it back to serve as its custodian for the future.

Our office is at 36 Center St., Folly Beach, The mailing address is P.O. Box 106, Folly Beach, S.C. 29439.

The website is


Sea Eagle Watch


Nuclear treaties

While Donald Trump has cozied up to North Korea’s brutal dictator Kim Jong Un and Russia’s vicious, power-obsessed war criminal Vladimir Putin, he has dismantled our nuclear treaties.

Our treaty with Russia took decades to build, and he just threw it away. He also has thrown away the work of previous administrations in working to disarm a nuclear North Korea.

Even our treaty with Iran required the combined diplomatic force of all of our allies, and he just threw that away.

We must reduce nuclear proliferation worldwide, and toward that end, we must rid the White House of Trump as well as his enablers.


Etiwan Avenue


Gun control

Letters to the Editor: Readers in Charleston react to El Paso, Dayton mass shootings

I write this letter as one who is not opposed to reasonable gun control laws. It was not until I read an Aug. 6 letter to the editor that I realized that I had misunderstood the purpose of the NRA and gun control laws.

The writer asked, “Was there not at least one person in the Walmart on Saturday with a concealed carry permit and legally carrying a gun?”

It was a eureka moment for me because I failed to realize that the NRA and the legislators they control are really an underground, unauthorized force for the protection of all other citizens.

Perhaps there is another lesson to be learned: All the propaganda from the NRA and its supporters over the decades is false.

Letters to the Editor: More reader reaction to shootings

The El Paso shooting proves this. There must have been some people in that Walmart who were legally carrying weapons, but they chose not to use their weapons because they were busy trying to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Imagine that. Perhaps the true issue is the absolute stupidity of passing any law that allows citizens to purchase or carry semiautomatic assault weapons.

That is the only real lesson to be learned from this latest mass shooting. The NRA, now more than ever before, is without clothes and logic.


East Ashley Avenue

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Folly Beach

Cable standoff

I read with interest the Aug. 3 Post and Courier letter to the editor concerning the standoff between AT&T/U-verse and Nexstar. It had been going on for more than a month. The letter blamed Nexstar for its greed. There may be some truth to that.

Left unsaid, however, was that AT&T/U-verse dropped NFL Network and NFL Red Zone from its lineup a couple of months ago.

There was no warning, negotiation or explanation.

The reason, apparently, is that AT&T is trying to drive its cable subscribers to DirecTV, it’s satellite service. I had DirecTV. It’s great as long as it doesn’t rain.

Also of interest, there was no price drop with the loss of the NFL stations, and there was no price cut with the loss of the local NBC/Nexstar station either.

Gee, I wonder what good old AT&T is doing with those funds? Corporate greed indeed. Goodbye, U-verse. Hello, Spectrum.


East Edgefield Drive


We are the enemy

In the Aug. 7 letter to the editor, “To all politicians,” the author bemoaned that “they are selling bullet-proof backpacks for kids.” After a short comment, the letter ends with, “stunning what you have let this country become.” In this context, the word “you” must refer to “all politicians.”

I believe the headline would have been more appropriate if it had been “To all voters,” then “you” would refer to voters. There is a line from the old “Pogo” cartoon that says, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


Stratford Drive


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