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Letters to the Editor: Military support group seeks to honor enlistees

Memorial Day Flags

Junior ROTC members from Revere, Mass. High School help to plant flags on the Boston Common in Boston in 2016. Some 37,000 flags honoring the fallen members of the military from Massachusetts since the Revolutionary War will be placed for Memorial Day weekend. 

Without fanfare and under the crisis radar, about 250 students from the Lowcountry will graduate from area high schools and take an oath of office to serve in the armed forces.

Many will enlist directly or accept delayed entry and head to college at a service academy or with an ROTC unit.

COVID-19 prompted the Palmetto Military Support Group and the Charleston RiverDogs to cancel the second annual Lowcountry Salutes! celebration at Riley Park due to the need for social distancing.

Our Plan B is to reach out to the Class of 2020, their families, friends and mentors so we can capture a mailing address to send these future leaders the swag they rightly deserve.

The Charleston community wants to thank these young people and supportive families for their public service career choice.

Before long, they will be on the front lines of national security, joining the less than 1% of the population that fights for our freedom.

They are the Lowcountry’s finest and the PMSG wants them to know Charleston has their backs.

If you are a member of the Class of 2020 who will be joining the military or know someone who is, please have them send an email to

I will make sure they receive a token of our community’s gratitude and best wishes for mission and career success.


Ware Bottom Lane

Mount Pleasant

PPP has problems

A May 7 letter to the editor rightly called out our U.S. senators for opposing the extra $600 weekly unemployment benefit beyond July 31.

Their stance shows a lack of respect for their out-of-work constituents, whom they assume would choose a temporary payout over a long-term paycheck and health insurance.

Meanwhile, the senators and their congressional colleagues completely bungled the terms of the Paycheck Protection Program, which offers small business owners forgivable loans to cover eight weeks of payroll. But as those in the Charleston hospitality industry know too well by now, two months is hardly enough time to transition to a new economy,

As a result, some small business owners may reject the PPP money or accept it as a low-interest loan to spend as they see fit, leaving many furloughed employees high and dry in what some predict will be the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Maybe if the senators and their colleagues had structured the PPP in a way that made sense, Americans wouldn’t need any extra unemployment insurance.


Gordon Street


Seeking a better life

My guess is the May 2 letter writer who called for “sensible limits” on immigrants has no idea what is happening in Honduras, Guatelmala, Costa Rica or other countries.

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Emigration from these nations is due to murder, rape, genocide and the burning of villages.

The people walk through jungles, burning deserts and arid plains with everything they own on their backs.

These people are not cattle. To tell these survivors to go home is a death sentence in many cases.

To check someone’s bank account before we let them into this country is ludicrous at best.

People immigrate here to make a better life, to get away from death and destruction.

“Give us your wretched refuse” echoes today louder than ever. Immigrants built this country. God bless the United States.


Excalibur Place

North Charleston

Thanks for assistance

During this unprecedented pandemic, many organizations have come forward to help those

in need due to the health and economic impact of COVID-19.

The Salvation Army is one of them.

As the president of the Board of Advisors of the Salvation Army of Charleston, I feel obliged to acknowledge and thank the great folks at Sinclair Broadcasting, the parent company of WCIV-TV, for their dedication to the Salvation Army.

They have initiated the “Sinclair Cares and Salvation Army: Your Neighbor Needs You” campaign, with a matching funds pledge of $100,000.

As of May 15, they have raised $737,000 for the good work that the Salvation Army does in communities across the country, with more than $22,000 coming from South Carolina donors.

On behalf of the entire board, thank you to Charleston and surrounding areas, WCIV-TV and Sinclair Broadcasting for your continued support.


President, Board of Advisors

Salvation Army of Charleston

Ashley River Road


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