Regular ID and Real ID (copy)

South Carolina drivers can now get a federally approved Real ID license (on the right), which has a gold emblem in the corner. File/Seanna Adcox/Staff

Attention, married women. When applying for the Real ID/driver’s license, there is an additional item you may need to bring with you to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

When I stepped up to the counter recently, along with my carefully filled out application, I handed over my current driver’s license and my Social Security card. I presented my ancient, fragile birth certificate. The clerk looked over each item.

“Do you have your marriage license?” she asked.

What? What for? I asked.

She pointed out that the rules have a section (No. 3: Legal documents supporting name changes) that cites documents that may be used to prove your identity “if your name has been changed.”

An applicant may show one of several legal documents, such as an unexpired passport or a marriage certificate, neither of which I had with me.

I pointed out that my husband was right behind me. It wasn’t good enough. The woman indicated that my current name was not on my birth certificate.

Therefore, unless a woman has kept her birth name after marriage, she must have a legal document to prove that she is the same person as that baby on the certificate.

The baby on my birth certificate has most of my name. That should be enough. Mr. (my husband) walked out of the DMV with his new REAL ID/driver’s license. Mrs. (me) did not. This is sexist and wrong.


White Heron Lane


Tom Lee's kindness

We were very sad to learn of former James B. Edwards Elementary School Principal Tom Lee’s passing on Dec. 2.

When we were first stationed here with the Navy in 2002, Mr. Lee went out of his way to help our two sons get quickly settled at James B. Edwards.

Everyone had a story like that about how he had done something extra for the kids, including paying for swimming lessons out of his own pocket.

Mr. Lee was an outstanding educator and leader who positively influenced thousands of children here in Charleston.

We’ll always remember his kindness and passion for education.


Greenhill Street


Google water

I have a question about the aquifer groundwater that Google uses.

As I understand it, the water is used for cooling its server farm. Does that change the quality of the water?

Editorial: Make Google play by the rules

It appears that once the water has transferred the heat it is dumped in a river.

Why not find a second use for it such as another industry or municipal water supply? Everybody wins.

In compensation for access to aquifer water, Google should fund a pipeline to take the water to its next use rather than discard this valuable commodity.


Mendenhall Street


Silicon Valley logic

There appears to be a growing number of Silicon Valley techies who have refused to work on any projects related to national defense or Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Whereas I can certainly respect their right to dissent, having spent 30 years of my life defending those rights, I have to question their logic and their concept of democracy.

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Maybe our civics classes aren’t teaching the imperative of national defense, the sine qua non of democracy.

Who do they think will provide protection for our nation and their right to work?

One wonders to whom these enlightened techies owe their rights, liberties and freedom.

Though I’m upset with them, I’m furious at the companies that allow this behavior, companies willing to contract with the government and profit from it. Why would they tolerate such solipsistic behavior?

One of the responsibilities of companies is recognizing their debt to society. They not only have a responsibility to shareholders but to the higher values of the country that has made their success possible.

I would have no problem with companies tolerating, mollycoddling or accommodating these petulant, single-minded dissenters if those companies foreswore any federal, state, municipal or local projects since all are dependent on national defense for their existence.

The mantra of these objectors must be, “Give me liberty and let others die for my right not to help them.”


Camp Road


Digital billboards

Remove 10 trees to install a digital billboard on Bees Ferry Road?

That is the vision for West Ashley by Charleston County Council?

Each day there is conspicuous proof that no one is really trying.


Macbeth Creek Drive