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Mark Sanford appears in a video announcement about his plans.

Mark Sanford, SC Republican, former US Rep, considers presidential run against Trump

It’s a sign of Mark Sanford’s extreme poor judgment that he thinks he is in any way a serious candidate for the highest office in the nation.

He had his chance at political leadership and failed. He is an embarrassment to the good people of South Carolina for a multitude of reasons which are well known to those who have followed his rise and decline. Lack of veracity alone makes him a non-starter.

We all would be better off if he found some more reasonable and productive way to build his ego. Perhaps a nice hike on the Appalachian Trail would help.


Night Heron Drive

Mount Pleasant

Independent voter

I am a voter without a party. I identify myself as an independent, who is fiscally conservative and socially moderate.

From 1980 to 2012, I voted for the Republican candidate for president. In 2016, I could not “push the button” for the Republican nor Democratic candidate.

I thought both would be disastrous for our country, and nothing has happened to prove me wrong. We live in the greatest nation on Earth and have the best form of government of any country.

Yet, our federal government has become completely dysfunctional, not because of its structure, but because of the people we have chosen to lead it. They seem more interested in their positions and power than the needs of the people of our country. They seem more interested in doing what is necessary to get re-elected than working together to better the lives of our citizens.

They would rather bicker about their differences than find common ground to work for the people. As we approach another election, I hope we will elect leaders who are unselfish and principled, leaders that will work together to identify the challenges we face and find solutions.

Solutions are not Democratic or Republican, conservative or progressive. They are just solutions. It just takes the right people to find them.


Kentwood Circle


2020 Census

Chief Justice John Roberts blocked the 2020 census question on citizenship. Almost 7% of U.S. residents are not citizens.

Editorial: Citizenship question would provide more accurate data

Roberts says Trump’s justification for the citizenship question was “contrived,” but the citizenship question was on the long-form census questionnaire starting in 1970. It was removed in 2010. It needs no new justification.

One purpose of the census is to count the number of people in each state to apportion congressional representation. Noncitizens are not voters, according to the Constitution, so they shouldn’t be counted.

Brian Hicks’ April 11 article on the border showed that about 19 million illegal immigrants crossed the U.S.-Mexico border from 2000 to 2018. Added to the (low) estimate of 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. in the 1990s, the total may now be approaching 30 million.

These people should not be counted. The president must win this fight for our citizens.


Carmel Bay Drive

Mount Pleasant

Otto German

Congratulations to Otto B. German, who recently retired after more than 40 years of service to the College of Charleston Athletic Department.

I first heard the name Otto German, aka “The Big O,” in 1969 as an 11-year-old spectator at a Bishop England vs. Moultrie basketball game at Moultrie High School Gymnasium on Coleman Boulevard at what is now the site of Moultrie Middle School.

College of Charleston's Otto German: 'I never thought I'd live to see this'

To describe this game as a “barn burner” doesn’t do justice to the packed gym and intense competition on the court.

Of all the outstanding athletes competing that night, and there were many, Otto stood out as a talented player ready to compete at the next level.

Upon graduation in 1969, Otto accepted a basketball scholarship from The College of Charleston and distinguished himself as a top player for the Cougars.

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After a stellar career, Otto went to work for the school’s athletic department in 1973 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Suffice it to say that Otto was a valued ambassador for all things good at the college.

In addition to his assigned duties, Otto was a trusted adviser and mentor to many young athletes who strayed a bit while enjoying college life.

More importantly, Otto has been a spiritual leader in his beloved church and a well-respected member of his Mount Pleasant community his entire adult life.

Well done, Otto. Enjoy your retirement. You’ve certainly earned it.


Lowcountry Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

Rally for migrants

I was disappointed at the low attendance at the July 12 vigil in Summerville for the migrant children held along the U.S. border.

Many experts have said the problem isn’t a matter of money. Congress passed a $4.6 billion border aid bill.

These privately owned and operated centers receive $350 to $750 per day per child, yet they’re not providing adequate care.

Showers are as rare as once every 40 days. Children are wearing the same clothes they crossed the border in. When Vice President Mike Pence visited July 12, grown men were begging for toothbrushes and space enough to sleep.

And yet, few people showed up here for the vigil. What does this say about our state?


Scalybark Road


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