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Letters to the Editor: Letter writers voice 2020 election choices

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Nov. 3 is the general election. File/Lauren Petracca/Staff

Fielding for coroner

It is my honor to support Herbert Fielding for the position of coroner of Charleston County. In my 30 years as a chaplain for first responders and the community, I have had an insider’s view of the philosophy and budget of the current coroner, and her hand-picked successor. I hope and pray a change in leadership will occur.

The budget/staff for the coroner’s office is $2,500,000 and is out of control.

This budget supports 18 full-time staff, with an additional three staff positions being approved to begin the first of the year.

This is addition to the coroner’s office now having two autopsy rooms.

For the residents of Charleston County, this is double-taxation, as MUSC is set to perform autopsies and train medical students.

Coroners do not perform autopsies, they are done by a pathologist, which only MUSC has on staff.

Herbert Fielding and his family have been an integral part of our community for generations.

His family is very well established as prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and funeral home owners.

For many years, Herbert Felding has been vetted for this position and will do great in moving this office forward. He also will bring diversity to the coroner’s office.

For the past 30 years, Charleston County Council has approved whatever financial requests have come before them. It is time for this public office to be more accountable.

The time to elect someone new is now. Vote for Herbert Fielding for Charleston County coroner.


Wentworth Street


Oversight questioned

As a past president and board member of East Cooper Habitat for Humanity, I read with interest the Oct. 12 Post and Courier article regarding the referendum question on the November ballot to increase property taxes by 2 mills for an affordable housing fund.

In my opinion, there are several problems with the proposal.

First and foremost is that the fund will be administered by our Charleston County government. This council’s history of following through with taxpayer money is poor. The bait-and-switch they pulled over the I-526 extension project is one example.

As usual, there are no details as to how the new tax revenue will be spent. Will it be to purchase land? And what kind of housing will be built?

If the county’s management of the Darlington Apartments is an example of being good stewards of low income housing, please give me an alternative.

The five Habitat for Humanity affiliates in the greater Charleston area do excellent work on tight budgets. East Cooper Habitat alone has built 75 homes for qualified owners.

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Let’s spend the money on nonprofits that know how to do it best and not on government entities that have no idea of how to solve the immense affordable housing problem in our area.


King Street

Mount Pleasant

Housing is needed

To preserve the quality of life in Charleston County, we need housing that is affordable for people who work in our community.

As a public school teacher in Mount Pleasant, I have watched it become increasingly difficult for teachers to afford to live nearby.

Police officers, firefighters and service-industry workers also are increasingly priced out of the communities where they work.

Housing is considered affordable if a family spends less than 30% of its montly income on housing. For too many in our area, they are spending much more or are moving.

For families with children, both alternatives negatively impact kids.

We can do something about affordable housing when we vote in this election. Local Questions 1 and 2, which will appear on every ballot in Charleston County, would establish and fund the creation of a Local Housing Trust Fund to directly meet this growing need. Let’s vote “Yes” on Questions 1 and 2 to help our neighbors.


Glencoe Drive

Mount Pleasant

Support Brownstein

As a resident of the Isle of Palms, I am very concerned about any decision that compromises our waters, beaches, dunes and maritime forests.

Sullivan’s Island, the Isle of Palms, and Dewees Island all impact one another as dunes shift, sand bars move and storms threaten the stability of the islands.

Our homes and way of life are tied to the health and sustainability of these limited natural resources. I support the efforts that the residents of Sullivan’s Island are now making to overturn the disastrous decision made by their town council to accept a proposal to allow the dramatic removal of vegetation from the maritime forest on the south end of the island.

Daniel Brownstein, candidate for House District 112, has been incorrectly portrayed as supporting the decision to remove vegetation.

He does not and has never supported this view. His positions regarding conservation are thoughtful and well informed. Please consider voting for Brownstein on Nov. 3.


Dolphin Row

Isle of Palms

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