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Letters to the Editor: Know the issues, candidates' stances before you vote

Voting Early (copy) (copy)

Seacoast Church West Ashley is one of four places to vote early in Charleston County. File/Brad Nettles/Staff

Before I vote, I always go to the website This is run by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters.

When voters type in their home address, all the races and questions that will appear on the ballot are shown

The candidates are invited to submit a biography and qualifications.

They are then invited to respond to questions the voters would like answered.

I found it very interesting that the Republicans running for national offices did not respond. That includes those running for president, U.S. Senate and Congress.

I would like to make an informed choice. If these candidates can’t be bothered or don’t want me to know their positions, then they don’t deserve my vote.

I will not rely on slick, misleading ads to make these important decisions.


MacBeth Creek Drive


Funding cuts a problem

As we weigh our voting choices for those to represent us in Columbia and Washington, it might be time to consider the ramifications of voting for those who advocate either “no new taxes” or a reduction in taxes.

If things continue as they are or get even less funding, I can see a situation:

  • Where our roads have potholes to the point that the pavement turns to rocks or dirt.
  • Where traffic just grinds to a halt for lack of an adequate number of roads or lanes on those we have.
  • Where the percentage of our state population without any medical care other than emergency rooms grows and the medical bills for us or our insurance company grow as well.
  • Where we continue to pay only lip service to adequate teacher pay.
  • Where our state law enforcement continues to be understaffed, along with any of the other things we expect our government to pay for but for which we seem to be unwilling to provide the dollars to do the job.

I am willing to pay a little more to right some of these wrongs. How about you?


Kestrel Trail


Health care needed

Donald Trump, afflicted with COVID-19, received the best care possible, as is appropriate for the president.

Even as he was treated by doctors and nurses, he and his Republican associates have pushed the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) because they believe 23 million Americans don’t deserve health care.

In South Carolina, Republican Govs. Nikki Haley and Henry McMaster have steadfastly refused to extend Medicaid for 300,000 South Carolinians.

These privileged politicians have given many weak excuses for depriving millions of people of health care, while the real reason is that these plans came from President Obama.

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All claim to be pro-life but sit by and allow people to die to suit their politics. The hypocrisy and amorality is unimaginable.


Harbor Creek Place


Ginsburg had biases too

The opponents of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court assert that she will be unable to separate her biases from her judicial opinions.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had her own biases, of course, developed over decades of advocacy.

Was Justice Ginsburg unable to separate her beliefs from her judicial opinions? Are the other Catholics on the court unable to observe the distinction? Do we see hypocrisy here?


Monhegan Way

Mount Pleasant

Learn to love again

As I move forward in the decade marking my 70s, I contemplate that I might have 10-15 years of life left.

I have always been active in my profession, community work and my pastime/hobby of understanding politics and world issues.

Until now that is.

I need to move beyond the disrespect, lack of caring, kindness and empathy, the exhibitions of raw hatred and the currently practiced childlike notions of what it means to communicate, which must begin and end with the art of listening.

Our regression as humans to tribal and herd behaviors is perhaps a sad commentary on our true intellect.

The most intelligent among us posit learning and teaching at the top of their life experience.

They are not engaged in shouting others down or winning arguments for the sake of their egotistic notion of their own truths to the exclusion of the thoughts and ideas of others. This is, after all, how we get to “a more perfect union.”

So, I am checking out, giving up mistrust, hatred, winning so much that I forget what cost winning has if it is ill-directed.

I am reentering what it truly means to be human with all our faults and idiosyncrasies.

I will learn to love again. The lives of many of you would be much more fulfilled and purposeful if you would do the same.


Bellewood Drive


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