Donald Trump’s recent comments and quotes of other sources point out his lack of understanding of the world and his lack of respect for the truth.

In short, his most recent post comparing himself to King David and inferring he is the incarnate messiah is most likely a poorly thought-out lie. He gets around fact-checkers by quoting another source who credits the people of Israel.

I suspect it is a lie for two reasons. First, no self-respecting Jew would ever refer to a second coming of God when they are still waiting for a messiah. Secondly, Mr. Trump was trying to relate to the second coming of Christ, not “the second coming of God.” Jews don’t see Jesus as the messiah, so that reference wouldn’t have worked.

By comparing himself to the king of Israel, insulting Jews by confusing the number of times God has made his presence known on Earth and insulting Christians by confusing God and Jesus, he has alienated the entire Jewish/Christian community in a way not seen since the time of Pontius Pilate.

Maybe Mr. Trump is more like the ruler of Israel than we thought, just not David.


Pelzer Drive

Mount Pleasant

Peninsula sea wall

Bright and early Monday morning, the Charleston City Council will show whether it’s willing to play Russian roulette with the peninsula for the sake of political expediency.

Charleston punts decision on asking state for $32 million to raise Low Battery

It will vote on whether to ask the State Infrastructure Bank for $32 million to shave years off the expected replacement of the crumbling Low Battery sea wall.

Every year of delay — the start of project has already been kicked down the road many years — increases the likelihood of a catastrophic collapse. The city has nothing to lose by asking for the money, and it might even win. It’s a no-brainer, except that an election is coming up.

Trouble is, in the politically polarized world of City Hall, virtually any proposal supported by Mayor John Tecklenburg, as this one is, worthy or not, is automatically opposed by several pivotal council members who would like to replace the mayor.

So even asking the SIB for the sorely needed millions has become a political football. The council delayed a decision on applying once. Its last chance is Monday. The SIB deadline is days away.


Gadsden Street


Waiting on refund

An Aug. 19 Post and Courier letter writer was less than pleased with the amount received ($44.73) from the electric company SCANA, now Dominion. I’ve been a faithful paying customer for almost half a century.

The refund envelope addressed to the home in which I live was in the amount of 37 cents. That’s what it said: $0.37. Why mail such a ridiculous check? A stamp costs 55 cents, but it would be safe to assume Dominion has a bulk rate that reduces the cost.

Question: Wouldn’t a company in business to make money at least take time to call the customer and ask, “Your refund is only 37 cents. Would you prefer we apply it to your next bill?” Doing so would save money.

Also, after opening the letter addressed to my home and looking at the refund, I then noticed the name on the check belongs to someone I’ve never seen or heard of.

So, I’m still waiting on my refund.


Ridgecrest Avenue


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Guns in America

It’s a tragedy more than 23,800 Americans committed suicide, another 14,500 were murdered or killed accidentally, and 67,000 were injured by guns in 2015, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Maybe the National Rifle Association should pay the medical bills.

Buckley: Even if 'red flag' laws wouldn't end mass shootings, they could save countless lives

It’s a tragedy that, unlike our ability to make cars or anything else safer, we have been unwilling to legislate safer guns or safer laws for possessing guns or handling them. Prayer doesn’t seem to be working.

Blaming “mental health” is a red herring. The mentally ill are the ones committing suicide with guns, not shooting others.

America is a diverse nation of immigrants. By focusing our rhetoric on ethnicity or religion or whatever, we only cave in to our enemies’ efforts to divide and conquer us.

We need to change the language we use. “White supremacists” hate Americans who happen to be Latinos or other ethnicities. In their hatred, they deliberately kill Americans.

In my mind, if you hate any part of America enough to try to kill or injure any group of Americans, you are anti-American and certainly not a patriot.

Those who are anti-American are our enemy by definition. Perhaps “anti-American terrorist” or “enemy combatant” would be a more appropriate title.


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