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Letters to the Editor: Johns Island is wrong location for affordable homes

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Angel Oak (copy) (copy)

The historic and grand Angel Oak tree on Johns Island. Photo/Michael Ver Sprill/Dreamstime.

An article in the Nov. 8 Post and Courier reported that there will be a new affordable housing development near the Angel Oak.

Most likely, many of these residents will not work on the island but elsewhere, requiring a daily commute.

This project is at the farthest edge of the city, right on the county/city line.

This is the greatest distance they could have put it within the city limits from the majority of jobs downtown, in West Ashley or on Kiawah and Seabrook islands.

There is no convenient bus service, so residents will have to drive to and from work.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and City Council talk of how concerned they are about climate change and flooding.

If that were true, projects like this would be placed near jobs or in locations where mass transit was readily available, not as far away from them as is possible.

They also say traffic is one of the area’s major concerns, but the placement of this development only puts more cars on the road for longer commutes than necessary.

We need affordable housing, but it needs to be done in a way that also addresses the concerns of carbon emissions and traffic, not totally ignoring them as this ill-thought-out location does.


Four Paws Path

Johns Island

Smith maligned

Thanks to Margaret W. Garrett for setting the record straight on the Rev. Robert Smith in the Nov. 6 commentary.

And thanks for putting the College of Charleston in its place for its actions.

We can now put the College of Charleston with Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg, the Charleston City Council and leaders of other Southern cities for removing parts of our history.

The insanity of it all is mind-boggling.

When some people take down history, it is time to react with “not in Charleston” and “not in America.”


King Street

Mount Pleasant

Editor's Note: A previous version of the letter incorrectly stated that the Rev. Robert Smith’s name was removed from the president’s house.

Prayers for future

At church Sunday, I lit a candle and said a Hail Mary for Joe Biden to hope he does well, for if he does, we all do well.

He has been telling us he wants to bring the country together and solve the nation’s problems.

These problems, however, did not start 48 months ago. And for someone who has been on the political scene almost 48 years, he seems completely oblivious to this.

Four years ago, we elected not a politician but a businessman president. Fair and square. I don’t remember anyone yelling foul play.

This businessman was someone who definitely went against the grain, and from before Day One was fought by politicians, the media, the polls.

He stood up to our allies and told them to pay their bills, and to other foreign leaders, “No more.”

Then he did what he promised, among other things. He rebuilt the economy, reduced unemployment, strengthened the military and worked on building a wall at the border with Mexico.

He has been criticized for separating children from their parents who are illegally entering the country.

Does one know of a bank robber who sets out one morning, with his kids in the back seat of the car, gets caught and is not separated from his kids?

This businessman did what he promised, and, yes, stepped on some toes. Can we say the same of any other politician?

Next Sunday, I may light another candle.


Emerald Forest Parkway


Restoring dignity

How refreshing to listen to a speech filled with hope, kindness, and reconciliation. We no longer will have to be confronted with words of hate, the belittling of others and a total lack of decent behavior.

We long to see dignity restored to our White House, democracy back into view, and the respect of other nations of the world.

However, many Republicans in the Senate continue to support the outrageous behavior of Trump, knowing that he has lost.

The country has spoken. We are exhausted from four years of appalling behavior.


Lake Hunter Circle

Mount Pleasant

Beef with no mask

We recently had reason to call 911 for a medical emergency.

Hanahan Fire Station No. 3 responded in good time and the EMT service was excellent.

So, what’s my beef?

One of those sent to assist us was not wearing a face mask.

In the middle of a pandemic, a pandemic noted for its propensity for attacking the elderly, at the home of two people age 80 and above, my question is “Why?”

When I asked the man why he did not wear a mask, his answer was, “Because I don’t have to.”

Why is it not required of those responsible for caring for those most at risk to wear a simple mask?


Suncatcher Drive


Medicare blessing

As a senior citizen, I have been thankful for Medicare, which is a blessing to us.

Recently, there have been numerous TV ads to call for an update on our Medicare.

I called, and boy was I happy. Two very smart ladies questioned me over and over on details.

I had a hard time remembering them. After more than an hour, I was given a confirmation number to be eligible for a wonderful set of plans.

I thank God for this miracle that my country has allowed me to receive.

If you are of age, please don’t hesitate to call.


Pinnacle Lane


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