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Letters to the Editor: Graham’s rationale for acquittal is absurd

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Capitol Breach Graham (copy)

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., voted against convicting former President Donald Trump on the charge of “incitement of insurrection” over the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s legalistic explanation for his acquittal vote is nonsense.

First, “passionate hatred” of President Donald Trump’s seditious and unpatriotic actions does not excuse them. Every patriotic American should passionately hate what he did.

Second, “bedrock legal standards” were not ignored. The House acts like a grand jury in the impeachment process. The defendant never directly participates at that stage. Due process was provided at the Senate trial. Trump’s attorneys fully participated, evidence was provided in advance, Trump declined to testify and he opposed any witnesses being called.

The defense was given equal time. The Senate trial rules were overwhelmingly approved on a bipartisan basis.

Third, the critical evidence was not inadmissible as hearsay under the Federal Rules of Evidence 801 and 803. Video of Trump’s speech and the Capitol attack is not hearsay.

Trump’s statements and tweets are admissible as “admissions against interest.”

Statements of rioters and observers made during the insurrection are admissible as “present sense impressions” or “excited utterances.” Public records, such as the insurrectionists’ indictments, are admissible as an exception to hearsay.

Fourth, the charge for inciting violence was demanded by the evidence. No unbiased juror could have found otherwise. Just ask Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Fifth, the House managers’ presentation of what happened was comprehensive from start to finish. Sen. Graham fails to identify any significant fact not presented. Trump offered no contrary evidence.

Graham has let this country down. The only reason that impeachments are on the rise is because for the last four years, we had a president who repeatedly ignored the rule of law, persistently failed to enforce and protect the Constitution and attacked the sanctity of our elections.

He deserved to be impeached and banned from ever holding office in this country again. If Trump runs in 2024 and continues to tarnish the GOP, we have Sen. Graham and his Senate friends to blame.


Governor’s Drive

Kiawah Island

Rename buildings

A headline on the front page of Monday’s Post and Courier states: USC can rename Thurmond building.

What a great idea. How about this? Any building named after a human being, living or dead, be changed to a letter of the alphabet. For example: Thurmond could be called “Building A.”

If there are more than 26 such named buildings, the next one and all thereafter would be given a number, such as “Building No. 1” through infinity.

This would not be politically or racially insensitive and, most importantly, not controversial. A few egos may be bruised, but it would be well worth the silence should rationality prevail.


London Drive


What’s your legacy?

Eighty-odd years ago, I was a city kid in first grade.

World War II had just started and the papers read in bold print: “JAPS BOMB PEARL HARBOR.”

My mom explained to me what “Japs” were and that war had been declared.

Within a month’s time, all the older boys and men were gone. They had joined the services to fight for our country.

Thousands of women went to work in shipyards and factories making ships, planes, tanks, munitions and vehicles for the war effort.

What was left were young children, old people, drunks and the disabled.

As a result, everything we took for granted was rationed: food, fuel, clothing and basic needs.

We kids were taught what to do when the air raid sirens went off: we hid under our desks if we were at school.

Neighbors helped each other, shared any food they had left over and prayed together.

There was no TV then, just radio, which told us the horrible death tolls for our fighting forces as well as the enemy’s.

Every morning at school, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance while we saluted the flag. Patriotism was the norm. We quickly learned that freedom wasn’t free.

I am no war hero, but I have served my country in the military in the hope that I could in some small way preserve the freedoms we have here in America.

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If your parents are still alive, ask they about their memories of that time.

One day, we will all be judged by our supreme commander.

What will be your legacy?

What will be your legacy?


Fox Chase Drive

Goose Creek

Immigrants, jobs

In Saturday’s Post and Courier, an article highlighted how the pandemic has eliminated so many jobs that were filled by minorities, unskilled and other low income workers.

Several pages over in the section was an article on how President Joe Biden will allow 25,000 Central and South American citizens to enter the country on Feb. 12.

Many are likely unskilled. I am sorry that Americans who have lost their jobs now have to vie with these 25,000 new people for employment.

Anyone who enters this country or plans to fly domestically must have a negative coronavirus test.

I have my doubts that all of these immigrants will have tested negative prior to entering our country.

As Rep. Jim Clyburn was a key early supporter of President Biden and helped him get elected, I would like him to explain how all of this is to work out.


Spindle Way

Goose Creek

Nothing changes

All the reporting about government and public utilities’ fraud and ethics violations will not change anything.

White-collar crime never results in substantial jail time for stealing the public’s money.

We hear how great these public servants are and how they are pillars of the community, so they get sympathy but no effective punishment.

The good old boys take care of each other.

A few will be incensed by the revelations, but they will fade away with no meaningful change.

Our legislators seem unwilling to tighten the ethics rules. Are they part of the problem or beholden to the people committing violations?

It’s back to business as usual after this storm goes away. Greed rules in our state.


Tugboat Lane


Job well done

Sunday’s Post and Courier did a good job in its coverage of South Carolina corruption and the correlation between the decline in local newspaper coverage and increased corruption. I passed the information on to my daughter and family.


Riverwood Drive

Mount Pleasant


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