Election Vote (copy)

The South Carolina Republican party is not holding a primary election for president. file/Brad Nettles/Staff

I reckon that in my time in politics, I have run in more South Carolina primaries, both Democratic and Republican, than anyone else.

I am dismayed that the GOP’s state executive committee decided not to hold a presidential primary. Primaries are vital functions of welcoming, inclusion and critical information.

Everyone in both parties is invited to participate. Nomination by convention or committee in South Carolina has been a disaster for both parties. If you are old enough, you might remember what happened to Republican Rep. Albert Watson and Democratic Sen. Edgar Brown, both the candidates of conventions or committees. Both lost big time, Watson in the general election and Brown the victim of thousands of pencils.

Nearly every Republican member of the General Assembly or Congress is the product of a primary nomination. Where are their voices of caution or dismay? Hasn’t anyone ever told them that a camel is a horse designed by a committee?


Wittenberg Drive

Mount Pleasant

Looking for TV options

Because of Comcast/Xfinity’s refusal to pick up the ACC Network, I am looking for alternative sources.

No 1 Clemson's football season opener is on TV, but you might not be able to watch

I never would have tried YouTube TV or Hulu Live otherwise. And the next time Clemson is carried on the ACC Network, I will get to try a free trial of Sling.

By that time, I will have three options and can make an informed decision about a new TV provider.

You have to love our capitalist society.


Sebastian Court

North Charleston

Support Tecklenburg

Charleston is about to elect a new mayor. Rather than summarize a list of what Mayor John Tecklenburg has accomplished during his term, I would rather speak to something else. He will continue to build upon a foundation of hard work and the stellar team he has created.

First Charleston mayoral debate has polite vibe, with a West Ashley focus

What I would like to address is sometimes unseen, that which cannot be weighed, calculated, quantified or put onto a statistical chart or graph. I want to speak to his spirit, compassion, inclusiveness, joy, creativity and his love and enthusiasm for our city and its people. I saw this and felt this the very moment I met him and wife Sandy.

We are being deflected from the truth by unwarranted criticisms and distractions meant to undermine what and who stands before us.

Everything that Mayor Tecklenburg has done has benefited our communities and region. We may have differing opinions on what has been done, what should be done and what others might do.

Nothing can be significant or move productively and bear fruit if it isn’t rooted in moral character and conviction. Mayor Tecklenburg is a shining example of both.

Here’s to another four years of being mayor of the city of Charleston.


Gilmore Road


Endangered humans

As the president of the United States ridicules a Swedish girl who is passionately concerned about the world we live in, nature is feeling the full weight of imbalance and destruction wrought by human beings.

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As a result of human “progress” and the pursuit of personal gain, we are seeing temperatures increasing, sea levels rising, deforestation at an alarming rate and the endangerment and/or extinction of multiple species of plants and animals.

I wonder if most human beings grasp the sad irony of the destruction of our environment: that we, too, may become an endangered species as a result of our actions.


Marsh Creek Drive


Dashi review

Some things are unfit to print, and by way of example, I would point to Hanna Raskin’s Sept. 25 review of Dashi restaurant. It’s inappropriate for a restaurant reviewer to include social commentary as part of a review. And no review should be snarky and mean-spirited. Raskin’s review was all that and more.

I first heard about Dashi from a friend in early August. She gave it a rave review. I tried it the next week and ordered the duck ramen, which Raskin panned. I loved it.

I told several friends about Dashi, and they all ended up thanking me.

On Sept. 5, once my staff and I had battened down the hatches in preparation for Hurricane Dorian, we went to Dashi for lunch. As expected, it was outstanding.

I showed some of those same people the review and the comments included: She must not enjoy eating; 180 degrees from what I think; and she is trying too hard to be a critic.


Ashley River Road