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Letters to the Editor: Fisher House effort should be celebrated

Fisher House (copy)

The Fisher House on Wentworth Street was built specifically for veterans and their families receiving care at the VA. Brad Nettles/Staff

I was very disappointed to read the headline in the Sept. 29 Post and Courier’s Home & Real Estate section, “Design of a new home on Wentworth for sick veterans in Charleston draws criticism.”

I wished I had read how the Board of Architectural Review had bent over backward to accommodate the design versus “they weren’t very courteous.” It also would have been enlightening to hear how members of the Board of Architectural Review and the Preservation Society are supporting the Fisher House’s mission.

Charlestonians should be proud that we have a Fisher House in our town. You see, one can say “ We support our troops” but as mama always said, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Trux and Durbin Emerson are to be applauded for spearheading the effort. I know there were many supporters who worked hard to bring this vision to reality. And finally, Vicki Johnson and her team, including many volunteers, deserve our praise for providing five-star service to their guests.

I would ask my fellow Charlestonians to visit the Friends of Fisher House website. Here you can read the many success stories of those who have benefited from the caring service provided by Vicki and her team. You can also find out how to donate or participate in an upcoming fundraiser. Additionally, you can sign up to volunteer or cook a meal.

In summary, our Fisher House is a great news story.


Ret. Air Force Maj. Gen.

New Haven Court


Term limits for all

Tom Steyer is running an ad where he calls for term limits. Not only do I support this but I participate in the Convention of States movement calling for term limits.

Tom Steyer calls out Lindsey Graham and calls for term limits in new South Carolina TV ad

The ad is typical political hypocrisy for the gullible and uninformed.

In the ad, Steyer names Sen. Lindsey Graham but does not mention the 10 Democratic senators who have been there longer. Of the top 60 senior members in the House, 46 are Democrats.


Elk Street

North Charleston

Protecting SC coast

Gov. McMaster joins SC Democrat Joe Cunningham's victory lap on offshore drilling ban

In South Carolina, our coasts are vital to our way of life. They’re a critical part of our local economies, form the ecological foundation of the Lowcountry, and are the places both locals and visitors have spent quality time with our families for generations. Yet the oil and gas industry consistently keeps trying to drill off our pristine beaches. Luckily, congressman Joe Cunningham went to Congress to protect our coasts and led the charge to stand up to big polluters who are intent on putting our communities at risk to increase their profits.

From (literally) sounding the alarm about the dangers of seismic testing to speaking on the House floor about the importance of preventing more drilling, Rep. Cunningham has relentlessly championed protecting the Palmetto State’s precious beaches, wetlands and coastal areas since he arrived in Washington in January. He hasn’t been in Congress long, but he’s kept his promises and demonstrated he’s willing to work across the aisle and stand up to corporate polluters to protect our families and environment.

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Eighty Oak Avenue

Mount Pleasant

Trump and Russia

Now that we hear so much about President Donald Trump asking other countries to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter when he was campaigning against Hillary Clinton, am I the only one who heard him telling Russia to investigate her?


Old Tree Road

Goose Creek

Natural gas lament

The Oct. 2 Post and Courier letter to the editor, “More natural gas infrastructure needed in SC,” was written by the CEO of the SC Chamber of Commerce, and the CEO of the SC Manufacturers Alliance.

Three points made stand out.

• Groups with “extreme agendas” are holding up the expansion of pipelines, transmission lines and other projects that would increase the use of natural gas.

• Technology does not exist to replace natural gas with renewable energy.

• We are not working fast enough to improve the flow of natural gas.

It took a minute for me to decipher the code, but I think this is what they were saying: Ruining our planet and our climate with our fossil fuels is bad, but we need to take the money that could be used for research and transitioning to renewable energy to enlarge our bad carbon footprint. The reason we should continue to ruin our planet and our climate is that transitioning to renewable energy would be expensive, time consuming and difficult.

Isn’t the infrastructure for natural gas delivery expensive, time consuming and difficult? Would one of the ways to improve the delivery of natural gas be more earthquake-causing fracking?

At age 79, I have no extreme agenda.


Suncatcher Drive


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