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Letters to the Editor: Enforce fines for littering in South Carolina

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Litter (copy)

Drink containers and other items litter the grass beside Interstate 526 on Feb. 11, 2021. Work crews of incarcerated people cleaned more than 9,000 miles worth of interstates and 15,000 miles of roadways overall in 2019, but that worked stopped in 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic. Brad Nettles/Staff

I was thrilled to see Monday’s Post and Courier article about the problem of litter along our highways. But I was dismayed to see that the blame for this was laid on the decrease in volunteers from 70,000 to 50,000 and the increase in takeout food in disposable containers.

The real problem is that we have a large number of residents who throw their trash out wherever and whenever they want.

They toss out everything from diapers to beer cans and empty their ashtrays at stop lights.

I live at a major intersection and daily pick up this refuse. I have yet to figure out why you would bag your dog’s waste and then leave it on the sidewalk.

The correct way to stop this litter mentality is to enforce fines for this behavior. If there are no consequences, the behavior will continue. Give people a choice between picking up litter for community service or paying a large fine.

We should not have to rely on 70,000 volunteers to pick up other people’s trash.


South Main Street


Real trial outcome

The outcome of the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump was never in doubt, so why go through with it?

You will hear that it was the constitutional responsibility of Congress. Or was it an attempt to inflict guilt and shame on roughly 74 million Americans who voted to elect Trump in the first place?

Congress has been dysfunctional for years and the feeling among many Americans was that no one seemed to care until he came along.

Our Founding Fathers were the smartest and most educated people of their time. They were involved in forming and governing the new United States. They were patriots who put country first.

Today, career politicians say what most of us want to hear and then make deals with special interests when not on TV.

Special interests have hijacked politicians based on the amount of campaign money provided or withheld.

Trump exposed career politicians and special interests in a way never seen before, which caused many to turn against him.

During the trial, the main strategy was to hammer the American people with horrific videos of the attack on the Capitol.

Somehow this was supposed to convince responsible Trump voters that they were culpable for the mayhem committed by a few hundred extremists. Instead, it further cemented a resolve to vote out hypocritical politicians, to vote in those who will work for the American people and that a few patriots still exist.


Waveney Circle

Goose Creek

GOP censures wrong

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Why the censure of Republican senators who voted for the conviction of Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial?

They remained impartial and voted their conscience. Isn’t that what juries are supposed to do?

Did our Founding Fathers say to just vote down the party line?

Are we and the world really expected to believe that Donald Trump did not stoke anger with his repeated allegations of a stolen election? Or that he didn’t send a violent mob to our Capitol and then do nothing to stop the violence in which five people died?

All of this was broadcast on live TV around the world.

Trump tweeted a video, complete with fight music, of his supporters surrounding a Biden campaign bus and then made a joke of it on TV.

Wouldn’t we denounce this behavior in another country?

Is this really how we want our country to be represented?

This is a dangerous road we are heading down if this type of behavior, from anyone, is condoned.


Wayne Court


SC’s good old boys

The Sunday Post and Courier article on political corruption is right on.

We moved here from New Jersey, where we thought it was bad.

Well, South Carolina takes it to a new level.

Although it’s not corruption, South Carolina has a good old boys network.

In addition to payoffs in the Legislature, we now have a real estate agent as CEO of the Charleston International Airport.

And when Paul Campbell served as airport CEO, he double dipped by remaining in the state Legislature and collecting two salaries.

So now I’m confused: Should I go into politics or try to become one of the good old boys?


Waterlily Way


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