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Letters to the Editor: Early voting experience in Charleston County was easy

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Charleston County voters can vote early at four satellite locations. This photo was taken during the February primaries. File/Lauren Petracca/Staff

I voted early on Monday at the North Charleston Coliseum. I was impressed by how smoothly it went.

The poll workers were helpful and did a tremendous job of getting people through. I hope other people’s experience with voting goes as smoothly.


Summersill Lane

Mount Pleasant

Protect Phillips land

I am opposed to the Hwy 41 Alternative 1 for the following reasons:

  • Alternative 1 will contribute to gentrification of the Phillips African American community.
  • Alternative 7a will serve to distribute he traffic among those subdivisions that contribute to the increased load.
  • Heirs property is a major issue that should not be overlooked.
  • The potential for African American families who have lived in the Phillips community for many generations to lose their property is very real.
  • It is unlikely that these families will be fairly compensated for their property required for the expansion.
  • These families’ lives and property will be at risk if Alternative 1 is selected.
  • Most of the Phillips community residents have medium, low or fixed incomes and will not be able to buy another home or even rent an apartment in the Mount Pleasant or East Cooper area.

Please make the right decision by selecting Highway 41 Alternative 7a. Please do not destroy the Phillips community residents lives.


Lillie and Rebecca Lane

Mount Pleasant

Advice to new residents

Let me be the first to welcome all the new city dwellers from the New York-Newark, N.J., metropolitan area who are moving here to our beautiful Lowcountry, according to David Wren’s Oct. 3 Post and Courier article.

If you left because of high taxes and crime, remember that those usually correlate with policies set by badly chosen politicians.

Please don’t vote in the same way here so we all won’t have to escape this lovely place we call home.


Marsh Oak Lane

Seabrook Island

Make vote count

As South Carolinians, we have our differences. But we all know in our hearts that a line has been crossed. This is different.

This is not normal. As freedom-loving Americans, we normally can agree on a few core principles:

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  • We the people should elect our representatives.
  • Every vote should be counted.
  • No one is above the law.
  • People who have the courage to fight and die for our country are not losers.

My father, who fought in WWII, and my brother, who fought and died in the Vietnam War, are not losers. They are my heroes. They had the courage to risk their lives fighting for our country (our democracy); the least I can do is have courage to stand up and speak out against attempts to overthrow it whether or not those threats come from within or from outside our country.

Let’s celebrate our freedom and democracy. So please vote. And make sure your vote is counted.


Willard Drive


Fear, respect COVID-19

The president recently tweeted “Don’t be afraid of COVID-19.”

Among many things I learned in my naval career, one important lesson was the importance of having a healthy fear and respect for an enemy. The enemy today is COVID-19, and we should both fear and respect its deadliness.

Just like in the military, we need to understand this enemy. We need to know how to protect ourselves from it and defeat it. So far in this fight against COVID, we only know how to protect ourselves. We can hold it at bay, but we can’t yet defeat it.

The best we can do is to limit our casualties, and the best way to do this is to follow the recommendations of science. That includes wearing masks, physical distancing, avoiding crowds and the myriad other recommendations of the CDC and epidemiologists.

President Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand this. Just as he has said he’s smarter than all of his generals, now he’s smarter than all the scientists. “Don’t be afraid and go about your daily business” can’t be the watchwords we live by, lest many more will get sick and die.

I fear the president did not learn this lesson from his skirmish with COVID-19. We should be afraid of this deadly enemy and take all the precautions we can.


Retired Navy captain

Buckingham Drive


If you don't like it, leave

Why can’t the Sullivan's Island folks who are scared of snakes, coyotes, bugs and other threats move to most of all the other East Coast communities that offer such protection.

These communities also allow sandbags and rocks as protection from the Atlantic.


Poaug Lane

Mount Pleasant

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