The article, “Task force suggests tax increase” on property owners, finally spurred me to write.

Repeatedly, there are efforts and plans to add taxes for some “good” cause or another.

Food is on the suggestion list, per earlier reports. How can they justify taxing food and other essential items that sustain life itself?

And I’m sure many other items are to be added. But no one appears to add a provision to exempt those on fixed incomes.

Senior citizens are mostly on fixed incomes. Do any of these people suggesting new taxes realize this?

Ten dollars here, $15 there, and the “Oh, it’s just a few dollars” more, year after year. These add up and never go away once in place.

Social Security payments are predicted to decrease in the future, so what is the plan to protect seniors from poverty and being displaced from their homes?

Those who are suggesting tax increases need to tell us voters what your plan is to protect seniors. Do you expect us to just roll over and give in?


Terns Nest Road



In the April 22 Post and Courier, Chelsea Follett wrote a column on population growth.

The commentary ends with the line, “Whatever problems we face in the future, it is human ingenuity that will need to rise to the occasion.”

Follett fails to describe

how ingenuity will solve overpopulation.

We are on track to need resources equivalent to 1.51 Earths to be able to support the population.

So is ingenuity enough?

Probably not in the way Follett describes.

She doesn’t take into account the vast amount of resources we consume and assumes we can solve a multitude of problems that have taken nature eons to solve.

Nature provides ecological services such as water purification, flood mitigation and soil enrichment.

Destroying nature means losing these services, and human solutions are needed.

Food production accounts for about 25 percent of energy consumption in the United States.

Meat-heavy diets, which require 10 times more energy to produce than vegetarian diets, have become the norm.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to preserve nature and eat more efficiently?

It is hard to refute what Follett says in the article. Yes, growth rates are lower, and humans do have better access to commodities and are ingenious at solving problems.

The real issue, however, is human resource consumption and inefficiency. Why create more problems? Why be wasteful? Why not be mindful, considerate and efficient?

Maybe the ingenious solution is in front of us but we’ve been too ignorant to observe it.


Lenwood Drive


Lift up teachers

Local governments make excuses for why they “can’t” increase teachers’ pay. Like anything else, you get what you pay for.

As a retired New York State teacher with three certifications and 30 graduate credits above two master’s degrees, the equation seems obvious to me.

I understand “union” is a dirty word and now represents all the evils of the world. However, when an organization that represents teachers bargains collectively with a school district, the real winners are the kids.

Raising teacher qualifications isn’t just about pay raises. You also weed out the less qualified. In many states, permanent certification rests on completing a master’s degree in some area of education, like reading instruction or special education.

If it were up to me, every teacher would have a master’s in reading instruction.

Additional raises come with years on the job, post-graduate credits and professional development courses. The result is well-trained, well-educated component teachers that get commensurate pay.

Rather than, “We can’t afford to pay the teachers,” we should be saying, “We can’t afford NOT to invest in the future of our country and educate our children on a par with the rest of the world.”


Cornerstone Lane

Myrtle Beach

Trump a success

I had to laugh out loud when I read the letter comparing the Democratic presidential candidates to President Donald Trump.

Every one of them could not even begin to achieve his accomplishments.

Many letters state President Trump has lied a thousand times, but they never specify the lies. Did these same folks keep count of all the lies President Barack Obama told?

The folks who dislike President Trump must get their “news” from CNN or MSNBC. These channels have never reported the truth about President Trump’s accomplishments.

President Trump is a New York City self-made businessman. He loves America and is doing all he can to make America the greatest nation in the world.


Genoa Court


Passing judgment

The Rev. Franklin Graham said that South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, should repent his sins, implying that being gay is a sin.

Before Graham starts passing judgment on Mayor Buttigieg’s sexuality, he needs to look at the man who he endorsed for president of the United States and makes excuses for on a daily basis.

Graham and the right wing, so-called Christians, need to call Trump out for his lack of what they call Christianity.

Imagine President Barack Obama paying off prostitutes and then lying about it; making fun of a handicapped person on live television; stating that it is OK to grab women by their private parts; separating children from their parents, and then are unable to locate the parents for reunification; creating inappropriate names for his rivals; and the list goes on.

It is no wonder that church attendance is declining. As a struggling Christian, I believe that God loves all of his children and that being gay does not disqualify one from the love of Christ and that “freedom of religion” also means, “freedom from religion” if one chooses to do so.

The Rev. Graham and his right-wing fundamentalist Christians need to explain why they continue to endorse the biggest lying president in the history of the United States.

Don’t believe the lies? Check the record.

Mayor Buttigieg, on behalf of a struggling Christian, I apologize for my sanctimonious brothers and sisters of the Christian faith.


Blue House Road



A quote in a letter to the editor published in the May 11 Post and Courier needs to be clarified to show that multiple panelists from the recent Dutch Dialogues event stated: “Water is not to be viewed as the enemy, but as a resource. There are opportunities to improve the ecology so that all can enjoy it more. The way we choose to look at the problem determines what we do. If you continue to do dumb things, you’ll be punished.”

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