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Letters to the Editor: Don’t block local beach access to nonresidents

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Hundreds of people gather on the beach to enjoy the warm weather on March 19, 2020, at Isle of Palms. file/Gavin McIntyre/Staff

Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island have barred residents of neighboring Mount Pleasant via police blockade checkpoints while their residents flow freely in and out of Mount Pleasant.

The reason given for the ban of Mount Pleasant residents and those from other towns is to prevent groups of 10 or more.

I would place a large wager that there are more than 10 residents from the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island in Mount Pleasant grocery stores, big box stores and home improvement stores during the day.

I know because I have seen them there over the past several weeks.

My husband and I take our dogs to Sullivan’s Island nearly every morning for their exercise.

Until the nonresident ban, all the people with dogs we saw were adhering to social distancing. If people who came later weren’t adhering to social distancing, they should be fined and removed from the beach.

Instead of doing that fair and common sense act, Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island decided to unfairly punish all nonresidents. The town of Sullivan’s Island did not have any problem taking my $100 check for our two dogs’ beach collars, but now they have unfairly prohibited us from using the beach access we paid for.

Instead of a one-way police blockade checkpoints to bar law abiding, neighboring Mount Pleasant citizens who have paid for beach access, the police resources should be used to disperse and fine people who attempt to congregate.

Please be good and fair neighbors.


Home Farm Road

Mount Pleasant

COVID-19 machine

The Germans have developed a COVID-19 test packet and machine that are affordable and give accurate results in one hour.

The machine and test are being used in 30 countries. Two hundred such machines have been shipped to the U.S., but the CDC would not approve the machines.

The CDC, it is reported, says it wanted to develop its own test.

I hope and pray that Americans are not dying of the coronavirus because the CDC wants profits to go to American companies and not to German corporations.


West Montague Avenue

North Charleston

Stop policy changes

I thank The Post and Courier for the March 16 story, “Rollback of federal review could mean less scrutiny on critical SC infrastructure projects” by Chloe Johnson.

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The story detailed how one of the bedrock protections of the marsh, beach and ocean that we love is threatened.

The proposed changes to the National Environmental Policy Act would limit our opportunity to give input into development, including offshore drilling for oil and gas.

I’m fond of hats (and some would say that the addition of hats to my wardrobe is in direct proportion to my loss of hair).

My latest hat has a message across the front, “We The People.” Of course that is the beginning of the preamble to the Constitution.

Actions, like the proposed changes to NEPA, fly in the face of the basic understanding that when important decisions that impact the people are being made, their ability to give their input should not be curtailed.


Chairman of the Leadership Team

Stop Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic

Wyndham Road

Pawleys Island

Dems held us hostage

As a Donald Trump supporter, I get very tired of the constant criticism by the left and Democrats for Trump and anyone who supports him and does not agree with their view of things.

We are called deplorable, racists and worse. But now the Democrats in Congress have reached a new, unthinkable low. They basically held the country hostage with their demands on the stimulus package.

As I write this on March 24, it has not been passed but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made sure to get her demands through to Sen. Chuck Schumer to require the following be included: Bailout the current debt of U.S. Postal Service; unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions; expansion of wind and solar credits; increased emission guidelines for airlines; required early voting; same-day registration for voting; and even more items that have nothing to do with saving this country’s economy or to aid the financial health of its citizens.


Shipwatch Drive

Harbor Island

Hoarding toilet paper

People are hoarding toilet paper? Really? The stuff grows on trees for heaven’s sake. Wake up and smell the reality.


Harbor Cove Lane


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