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Letters to the Editor: Dominion's rooftop solar proposal a raw deal for customers

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dominion solar proposal

Dominion Energy is proposing changes that would increase the monthly costs that solar customers pay for being hooked up to the utility’s power grid.

As a solar customer with Dominion Energy, I am astounded and incensed by the new rooftop solar proposal put forth by the utility.

This proposal adds additional fees for solar customers, and, if that wasn’t enough, it reduces the compensation solar customers receive for excess energy fed back to the grid.

If this proposal goes through, it will fundamentally change the payback on my panels and will likely cause potential customers to lose interest in adding solar to their homes.

I hope other customers make their voices heard at the March 23 Public Service Commission public hearing to kill this raw deal for solar customers.


Potomac Street

North Charleston

Regional wage structure

I spent my career working for the Bell System, which had companies covering the entire United States.

Job requirements were universal throughout the corporation. A service representative and an operator in Pennsylvania were equally trained and qualified as those in South Carolina.

Compensation, however, was based on a series of regional cost-of-living factors and a pay structure was established on these criteria.

A $15 minimum wage in New York City may not be enough, but the same amount in Brookville, Pennsylvania, might be too much. One size does not fit all. The plan considered hazardous duty increments above the regular standard. Rates were increased for areas of high costs of living where the standard rate did not meet the needs.

Obviously, there were minimums and maximums set for each region using available data, but some elements of flexibility were available to keep the workforce able to live near work locations.

If AT&T can manage a wage structure based on variable information, then the federal government could do the same. It would seem easy to administer and take politics out of the equation.


Hopeman Lane

Mount Pleasant

Big Tech helps small biz

Small business owners across the country have faced extremely challenging circumstances during the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a small business owner, I can attest that my company has been no different. Small businesses are struggling

to keep our doors open and have been required to adapt to social distancing guidelines and the world of e-commerce in short order.

Big Tech has provided my business and countless others in South Carolina with the digital tools necessary to remain online and open during the pandemic. We should be applauding these companies for their technological ingenuity and for providing the resources for us to continue.

Instead, many of our elected officials have decided to use Big Tech as a punching bag to score political points.

This is not the time to be attacking companies that are acting as a lifeline to so many small businesses that rely on access to these critical digital tools to succeed.

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I recently signed a letter calling on our elected officials to stop attacking tech companies and to instead focus their priorities on the small businesses that make South Carolina great.


Ebenezer Road

Rock Hill

Best birthday gift

I would like to thank Dr. Anthony Fauci, former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden, CDC, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Roper St. Francis, MUSC, VA hospital, local pharmacies, health care workers and the drive-up clinic workers for my 87-year-old father’s two COVID-19 vaccinations. And for a special gift: a hug from Daddy for my birthday, my first hug since March 3, 2020.

Happy birthday to me.


Hawks Circle


Mars over education?

I appreciate good news in the paper; we need more of it.

But why are we applauding a $3 billion rover landing on Mars when we can’t get education straight here on Earth? Can I borrow your glasses?


George Street


Road needs attention

Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant is a disgrace. There are so many potholes it’s impossible to avoid them, and the effort to fill them barely lasts a couple of days.

I hope the road is on a schedule to be completely resurfaced and certain sections widened at some point.

Additionally, the speeding vehicles I encounter as I travel the road on a daily basis make it very dangerous. I have been nearly run off the road on numerous occasions since there is no shoulder to move to.


Oak Point Landing Drive

Mount Pleasant

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