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Letters to the Editor: Dominion Energy should use rate hike to bury power lines

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Riverland Terrace Trees (copy)

Employees of Lewis Tree Service and Carolina Tree Care trim trees along Wappoo Hall Road in Riverland Terrace on March 21, 2019. File/Brad Nettles/Staff

I would like to thank The Post and Courier for the Sept. 9 article by Andrew Brown about the rate hike sought by Dominion Energy.

But I am left wondering why Dominion spends millions on tree trimming each year instead of burying power lines and avoiding having to butcher our trees.

Can we do something to encourage the South Carolina Public Service Commission to require Dominion to spend an equal amount each year on burying the power lines that it does on tree trimming?

And the company should set a target date for all power lines in incorporated areas of South Carolina to be underground.

Our water lines are underground, and our gas lines are underground.

If Dominion wants more money in a rate hike, they should be required to set a timetable and budget for burying power lines. They should spend the millions on burying the power lines, not butchering our beautiful trees.


Civitas Street

Mount Pleasant

Haley, racism, BLM

Recent letters to the editor have been critical of Nikki Haley’s speech at the Republican National Convention.

Drawing on her experiences, Haley made it clear there is racism in the United States but declared that it’s “not a racist country.”

A daughter of Indian immigrants, she was chosen by the people of South Carolina as their first minority woman governor. Considering Barack Obama’s election, how can anyone disagree with Haley’s assessment?

Haley’s remarks came amid a national reckoning over racial injustice in policing. FBI records (2018) show black Americans are about six times more likely than white people to commit homicide.

As a whole, the higher proportion of black people killed by police doesn’t prove racial prejudice as charged by Black Lives Matter activists.

BLM was founded by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors.

The group is focused on policing. Why? Discrediting or disabling police is a means of creating revolution. There is evidence BLM’s founders are well-versed in Marxism. Google “youtube Cullors.”

You can see Cullors saying, “Myself and Alicia are trained Marxists.” Visit their website. You see slogans like, “Now We Transform” and “Defund The Police.” Most enlightening, however, the Movement for Black Lives, a coalition including BLM, has called for the radical redistribution of wealth, including reparations for the descendants of slaves.


Short Street


Lowry ignores history

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In Rich Lowry’s Sept. 2 column, “The left’s riot blame-shifting,” he stated: “Everyone knows there are different rules for Black Lives Matter. If a conservative movement with the cachet and corporate support of BLM staged an event featuring a single act of arson, the group would be shunned and its cause discredited.”

Evidently, Mr. Lowry has forgotten about the KKK and, particularly, about white supremacist groups that President Donald Trump called “good people” and encourages even now.

This is one of the reasons BLM activists are so enraged.


Summertrees Boulevard

Johns Island

Too much control

A very wise man once told me about the other Golden Rule, not the biblical one, but one that can cause trouble instead of solving problems.

It goes like this: Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

When we were children, parents had money and we didn’t. So they purchased what they thought we needed.

When we grew up and started working, bosses signed paychecks because we did as we were instructed.

In a socialist society, the government pays for health care, college tuition, environmental changes and more.

Freebies are great, but do we really want to do it all their way? Do we really want the government controlling that much more of our lives? I don’t want this government or any other making my decisions for me.

It sounds like socialism.


Ethel Post Office Road


A new pledge?

Given the state of the country, I propose an amended Pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the disunited States of America, and to the republic for which it once stood, a sundered nation under God, divisible, with dwindling liberty and justice for all.


Yeadon Avenue


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