Colonial Lake (copy)

A bicyclist rides along the sidewalk at Colonial Lake in downtown Charleston. 

Have you been to Colonial Lake lately?

The landscape is outstanding. The assortment of native plants and the variety of colors are eye-catching.

The hard-working volunteers come on a regular basis to weed and water.

On my walk the other day, I stopped to thank a person who was taking great care to make everything attractive for the guests to enjoy the lake.

The volunteers placed several signs around the lake that unmistakably “beg” dog owners and walkers to clean up after their fur babies. The signs are clearly ignored.

The sidewalk at Colonial Lake is disgusting as it is literally covered in dog droppings.

Runners, walkers, sitters and parents strolling their children are all subject to the mess.

There are several pet-bag stands placed around the lake, but people don’t or won’t use them.


Brisbane Drive


Life worth saving

Mikaela Porter’s story in the July 10 Post and Courier recounting Ken Moore’s dramatic rescue of five local youths was of considerable interest to me. I have been Susan Bowick's friend for 25 years.

Charleston area man reunites with teenagers rescued from car in Ellis Creek in 1977

I can attest to the long-term affect this close call had on Ms. Bowick, who still had a profound fear of seat belts and shoulder harnesses some 20 years after the accident.

Despite Ms. Bowick’s statement that she “doesn’t think her life has been particularly eventful,” I think it is notable that she was able to eventually overcome the trauma of that incident to become a professional driver.

While she has established herself as a valuable contributing member of our community, I would suggest that the best in her life may be yet to come, as she was certainly “blessed to be a blessing.”


Belhaven Drive

Mount Pleasant

Driving observations

As I drive to work, it amazes me how women can drive a car while putting on make-up, talking on the phone and eating breakfast all at the same time.

I see men smokers drive with all of the windows down to keep their wives from chewing them out for having a smelly car.

And the landscape departments for the cities of Charleston and North Charleston have been able to grow grass and bushes in concrete. It must be a new way to collect trash on the highways.


Betsy Kerrison Parkway

Johns Island

Teachable moment

When I opened the front door to see who was knocking, a little boy stood on the other side of the screen.

At the bottom of the steps, at the edge of the porch light, a uniformed city police officer.

“Are you Mr. William Felts?” the boy asked. He sounded coached.

When I said yes, he handed up a black wallet.

“Then this is yours. I found it on the side of Camp Road,” he said.

Earlier that day, my arms full of grocery bags, I had placed my wallet atop my truck cab “for the moment.” I put the bags inside, got in and drove off. Distracted.

Now I looked inside to check that my driver’s license was there. That’s how the officer had found me. I extracted the few dollars and rewarded the boy’s honesty.

His dad and I exchanged nods. That night, four decades ago, the officer taught his son something.

And he taught me, a rookie public school teacher, a critical parenting skill: Education is about forming character.


Marsh Point Drive


Border crisis

It is clear that social justice Democrats, the Democratic Party and the news media are incorrectly labeling all the border problems, separation of families and detention of “invaders” at the border.

Editorial: Congress must act on asylum

Years ago, Congress created the immigration laws that our current president is enforcing. Yet this border crisis is reported as his doing. That’s incorrect and the media, at the least, should be clear about that point. Otherwise, the media is complicit in this propaganda campaign.

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The previous presidents that did not enforce the laws should be called out for their failure to take action during their terms in office.

This border crisis has gone on for too many years under previous administrations. It’s just hatred for President Donald Trump by the Democrats that have illuminated the matter.

They are blaming the wrong person. Shame on them and the media that continue to misrepresent where the problem actually lies.


Grovehurst Drive


Seismic blasting

On June 21, U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham of South Carolina stood up for his constituents by offering an amendment to block offshore seismic blasting for a year via the Interior-Environment funding bill (H.R. 3052).

Thank you, congressman, for working to protect our coast.

Any expansion of offshore drilling is a permanent decision with real consequences.

SC DHEC says no to offshore oil exploration company as incompatible to coast

If the Trump administration and the oil industry succeed in bringing offshore drilling to the Atlantic, the coast that is such an intricate part of our lives could be changed forever.

Together, South Carolina is united against offshore oil and gas activities.

I thank Rep. Cunningham for standing with South Carolinians and for your unwavering leadership as we work to protect our coast.


Daniel Island Drive


Candidate Sanford

Mark Sanford, SC Republican, former US Rep, considers presidential run against Trump

Mark Sanford for president? He has a brain, he has a plan, and he doesn’t insult everyone he talks to. Why not?


Pelzer Drive

Mount Pleasant

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