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Letters to the Editor: Conquering the coronavirus depends on personal behaviors of all

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AstraZeneca to deliver vaccine trial data by year's end (copy)

A volunteer receives an injection at a hospital in Soweto, Johannesburg, in a COVID-19 vaccine trial. Personal behaviors to prevent the spread of the virus are key until a vaccine is widely available.

Until a vaccine is distributed community wide, the safe reopening of businesses and schools will depend on personal behaviors to prevent virus community spread.

The proven personal behaviors that reduce virus community spread include: wearing masks in public places; social distancing; frequent hand washing; testing and isolation of symptomatic persons; and contact tracing to locate and isolate infected people who can spread the virus.

Virus community spread measured by positivity rate has been reduced from 20% to 12% but is still above the 5% 14 day target.

Virus death rate has increased. S.C. has 500 virus deaths per month.

Virus community spread and death rate show NO signs of decreasing.

In coming months several negative drivers will be increasing potential virus community spread and number of virus deaths. These negative drivers include:

Fall influenza season.

Reopening of schools, with higher enrollments at many schools.

Cold weather that will increase the number and size of indoor gatherings.

Removal of capacity limits for indoor dining.

Federal and state governments have abdicated responsibility to mandate proven virus mitigation procedures. As a result, responsibility for virus mitigation now belongs to mayors and local governments.

Additional efforts by mayors to mandate and enforce proven mitigation procedures will be required to reach the safe reopening goal of less than 5% positivity rate for 14 days.

Mayors have the strongest motivation to safely reopen businesses in order to reestablish their community economic base, and they can help make it safe enough for schools to reopen.


Wofford Road


Changes to Mark Trail

I can only suppose that as one nudges past a certain age, change, in the sense of things are suddenly not how they have been, is more sharply felt.

Sunday’s front page of The Post and Courier heralded the change at the top of our government.

A welcome one as indicated by popular and electoral votes.

The Sunday Comics, however, brought a change for which I was not prepared. The Mark Trail comic feature that I have counted on for sober and informative wildlife and ecological information since before I can remember is gone.

The new illustrator/author, Jules Rivera said she had never heard of him before being approached to take over the strip, according to an article on

She said she saw in Mr. Trail the opportunity to apply her skill sets: “art, science, and drawing dudes punch each other in the face.”

In addition, she told in an interview that she intends to make him, “ridiculously hot, and I do have a talent for drawing hot guys,”

This forebodes not only a change in the look of the strip, but a shift in tone that will take some getting used to.

I will try, and I wish Ms. Rivera, as I would any artist attempting to make a living through her art, well.

But unlike the peaceful transition expected in our country on Jan. 20, Mr. Trail’s fate and that of his friends in the Lost Forest seems less certain.


Myrtle Avenue

Sullivan’s Island

Need true compromise

George Will’s Nov. 12 commentary about President-elect Joe Biden and Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell being custodians of the U.S. Senate was timely and thought provoking. I hope they can work together to improve the way our government functions.

I am concerned about one aspect of Mr. Will’s column. It contained only suggestions of Mr. McConnell getting Mr. Biden to join him on this and suggesting Mr. Biden do that.

I read nothing of how Mr. McConnell might compromise in any way.

In light of Mr. McConnell’s previous openly stated position of blatant obstructionism toward President Barack Obama, these suggestions by Mr. Will are just more ways for the right to bend the left. I want to see true compromise, and I believe Mr. Will could come up with an idea or two that brings that about.


Pleasant Hill Drive

Goose Creek

Not president yet

In response to the Nov. 12 letter “Help country heal,” I would like to remind the writer that Joe Biden is not yet the president-elect, as purported by the media.

The media does not announce the winner of the presidential election. Only Congress certifies the winner.


Sheridan Road


Biden won election

How did we become a nation of “alternative facts”? Joe Biden has won the election by more than 5 million votes and has more than 270 votes in the Electoral College.

The coronavirus is out of control and many of us are very concerned.

President Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham are playing games with the country that may result in great harm to all of us.

Enough is enough.


Riverland Woods Place


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