UN Extinction Report (copy)

The United Nations will convene a Climate Action Summit on Sept. 23 in New York.

The Climate Action Summit scheduled for Sept. 23 at the United Nations in New York City will be the most important gathering ever held by the global community to try to effectively combat climate change.

Well-intentioned but unkept promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have failed.

With the notable exception of President Donald Trump, heads of state around the world now understand that all countries must put in place exacting and enforceable plans if we are to avoid pervasive upheaval in the decades ahead.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is calling on all leaders to come to New York with concrete, realistic plans for establishing sustainable ecosystems and agriculture, developing resilient communities and infrastructure, mitigating and adapting to climate impacts, and transitioning to renewable energy.

Climate change is the preeminent crisis of our time, and it demands that every elected official set aside petty politics and act on principle to ensure a future for our children, our country and the world. But the Trump administration is not likely to participate constructively at the summit.

Therefore members of Congress from both parties must assure summit participants that in the post-Trump era the U.S. will meet its obligations to safeguard future generations.

People everywhere are understandably concerned and they’re demanding decisive action. Many states are doing their part. But the federal government cannot stand idly by, isolated and scorned, as the world’s disparate countries valiantly struggle together to come to grips with humanity’s greatest challenge.


Privateer Creek Road

Seabrook Island

Road rage

This is for the guy who blew his horn when the light turned green on Carriage Lane to turn left onto Old Towne Road.

I was in my yard and saw you speeding past the driver of the small car. You pulled in front of him and slammed on the brakes. Thank goodness for fast reflexes and good brakes on the smaller car.

Then you stalled traffic for two blocks and turned left. I was in my yard and was waiting to see a rear-end collision involving your vehicle.

If there had been a wreck, I was all set to give a statement to any responding traffic officer about what I saw.

The speed limit on Old Towne Road is 45 mph. Slow it down. We have children living in our neighborhood and in the apartments on Old Towne.


Old Towne Road


Heed rule of law

How is it that those who cry, “We are a nation of laws,” care least about them?

I am referring to the Democrats who cry that President Donald Trump has violated the law when they know good and well that President Bill Clinton did and was impeached. They turned a blind eye to the law.

In the 1970s when President Richard Nixon obstructed the law, both Republicans and Democrats agreed that the law should be honored and Nixon left office.

Hillary Clinton violated the law when she kept a private server at her home, with classified information on it, not to mention the cover-up that followed. The facts should have been presented to a grand jury for prosecution but were not. Why? Politics.

Why do some Americans support Trump when they know he is dishonest, lacks integrity and is of poor moral character, not to mention that he does not bring to the office of the presidency the dignity and respect that it deserves?

The answer is that they are mad that the Democrats have made a mockery of the rule of law.

When a thousand former federal prosecutors sign a letter stating that if they were presented with the facts in the Muller report, they would indict the president, it is time to honor the rule of law regardless of party or politics.

Why? Because we are headed to a very dark place if we do not.


Colleton Drive


Santee Cooper

The Post and Courier recently commemorated the two-year anniversary of the V.C. Summer nuclear debacle with a variety of reporting and commentary. Cindi Scoppe’s piece on the visit new Santee Cooper CEO Mark Bonsall paid to the newspaper’s editorial staff stuck out to me.

During Bonsall’s meeting he discussed his wish list for the flailing state-owned utility.

Santee Cooper can hire the best of the best in the utility world to talk the talk about reform, but there is only one source of payment for all the past failures that resulted in billions of debt.

That’s right, Santee Cooper and co-op customers will still have to bear the burden of all the costs, no matter how many promises pricey execs make.

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Talk all you want to about reforming and restructuring the state-owned utility, but the one thing that won’t change unless Santee Cooper is sold is who’s on the hook to pay for the $4 billion hole in the ground from the abandoned V.C. Summer project and the nearly $4 billion of operating debt the utility racked up.

There is no reason for the state of South Carolina to be in the utility business. There is no reason why a state agency employee, better known as a public servant, should make over a million dollars a year.

And there is absolutely no reason why Santee Cooper customers should continue to pay for all of the mistakes, fancy salaries, golden parachutes, criminal defense lawyers, etc.

Santee Cooper must be sold.


Lake Frances Drive

West Columbia

Thinking about it

I read letters to the editor on a daily basis. Many writers offer suggestions, ideas or plans to fix a certain problem.

It could be anything from flooding to the dysfunction in Washington, D.C., to the price of eggs in China.

Many other writers ask questions about why things are done the way they are on a variety of subjects.

Well, I came across a quote from Gustave Flaubert and it might be helpful to both of these types of writers.

He said, “Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is infinite.”

Think about it.


Myrtle Avenue

Sullivan’s Island

Myrtle Avenue

Sullivan’s Island

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