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Letters to the Editor: Community needs to invest in future of local children

YMCA of Greater Charleston to host second annual Seersucker Soiree fundraiser (copy)

Outside view of the Cannon Street YMCA in 2003. 

For more than 150 years, the Cannon Street YMCA stood as a haven for young people in the downtown Charleston area.

When my friends and I recently tried to find the facility, we discovered it was closed down and set to become apartments.

This wasn’t just a building, but a place where children could go and knew someone cared. Now there will be no such place to make a difference in future generations.

How did we let this happen? As a child who depended on organizations such as this growing up, I know that they make a difference.

Many of my role models were teachers. With the way things have been this past year, children need positive role models to give them words of encouragement.

Another hotel or bank might make money, but it won’t produce productive young people to grow up to be good citizens.

As a child straight out of welfare, Baptist College (now Charleston Southern University) made a difference in my life, but it was the people, not the buildings.

I love the many charming and historic buildings in the area. But just like the orphanage that was torn down for a parking lot long ago, maybe we need to be reminded that kids need us more.

Perhaps someone reading this letter will take up the cause of investing in the next generation of leaders and leave a legacy of caring. Will you be that person or group to help?


Wentworth Street


Council’s actions

Under what circumstance would a governing body allow its legal counsel or any employee to draft their own “severance” or “retainer” contract and possible future fee arrangement?

Charleston County residents should protest vigorously over the financial burden placed on our collective backs by the sheer incompetence of council members’ actions.

And it’s not the first time.

It is absurd to believe that Teddie Pryor and the rest of the council had no idea of these arrangements.

Yet they hide behind the excuse of an executive session to give them cover and deny responsibility.

I have served on boards that have fiduciary responsibility for funds entrusted. The inaction shown by Charleston County Council is dereliction of duty in the extreme.

Thank you, Councilman Kylon Middleton, for having the courage to shine the light. Let’s hope others will push for more disclosure and accountability by elected officials.

We are already paying for their inept management for years to come.


State Street


Make wages fair

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 provided that people with disabilities could be paid a subminimum wage.

Why am I referencing a law from 1938? Because South Carolina is still using this law in 2021.

There are about 1,2000 people with disabilities in our state who are making less than minimum wage.

With the recent push to raise the minimum wage, I think the priority should be getting everyone up to at least the current minimum wage first.

In the past several years, there have been outcries and action about equality for gender, race, sexual preference, etc.

What about people with disabilities?

S.533, a joint resolution to end subminimum wage for people with disabilities, would address this injustice. It was introduced in the S.C. Senate earlier this month.

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No one should get less than minimum wage. Please contact your state senators and ask for Bill S.533 to be passed.


Finnegan Lane

West Columbia

End blood cancer

As a senior at Charleston Collegiate School, I’ve joined the blood cancer community in its fight to create change.

During my sophomore year, I met John, a new student. I soon learned that he was a survivor of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We became friends, and he has inspired me to act.

This year, I was nominated as a candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Students of the Year campaign, a program focused on fundraising for blood cancer research and treatment.

My Team Unstoppable has a goal of raising $20,000. I’m challenging our Charleston community to participate before March 6.

My Charleston Collegiate community has rallied in support, and my archery team is hosting a charity tournament in John’s name.

I’ve been collecting auction items for our culminating gala, including a foursome of golf at Cassique Course, donated by Kiawah Partners.

Join me and others around the Lowcountry to put an end to blood cancer.

To make tax deductible donations, bid on items or share information about the project, go to

Together, we can be unstoppable.


Bears Bluff Road

Wadmalaw Island

I-26 hazards

As long as Interstate 26 is not going to be properly maintained, can we at least have laws requiring mud flaps for trucks?

It seems like someone is benefiting more than they should from cracked windshields.


Branch Creek Trail


Abuse exposed

Your recent exposure of public gas authorities’ unmitigated abuse of the public was not surprising but demonstrates the need for local news.

In fact, I consider being a paid subscriber a civic duty.

Without real journalism, the people in these positions just get more and more brazen over time.

When I read the follow-up piece with comments from Gov. Henry McMaster and other politicians, it made me think of one of the most famous lines in movie history: "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

Well done, Post and Courier.


Backshore Drive

Mount Pleasant

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