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Karen and Eric Hourigan of Amelia Island, Fla., take a picture in front of the Pineapple Fountain. 

I read Steve Bailey’s “Charleston tourism efforts directing millions to all the wrong priorities” commentary in the June 16 Post and Courier and want to set the record straight about the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau’s relationship with Meredith Corp. (Meredith acquired Time Inc. over a year ago and is now one of the largest media conglomerates in the country with more than 40 print and digital brands).

Meredith has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with the Visitors Bureau that goes back to our acquisition of Family Circle in 2005. Family Circle was one of the first companies to partner with the city to build the tennis facility, and we have supported the Volvo Car Open (formerly the Family Circle Cup) ever since.

Mr. Bailey discredits the city I’ve grown to love by implying that the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards are not based on Charleston’s merits but bought with advertising. If this were possible, surely much larger cities with much bigger budgets would win every time.

The World’s Best rankings are a 24-year-old franchise that we are deeply proud of because it allows our readers to recognize and honor superior travel providers around the globe.

I want to reinforce that these rankings are determined entirely by our readers. Editors do not weigh in or influence who wins, and again, neither do advertisers.

The rankings are strictly monitored by a third-party vendor (M&RR) that tracks the voting, tabulates the results and makes sure readers’ choices are accurately reflected in the data.

Ultimately, Charleston wins because our readers truly love visiting this extraordinary city.

Meredith’s longtime collaboration with the Charleston CVB is based on respect, integrity and a genuine love for the city. We’re proud of the relationships, the stories we’ve run and the quality audiences we always deliver.


Executive vice president for Marketing and Integrated Communications

Meredith Corp.

Liberty Street

New York

Biden’s attempt

We have just witnessed a vain attempt to win the Democrat presidential nomination at any cost. Joe Biden is a lifelong Catholic. Catholics hold that abortion is the taking of an innocent life.

Biden has been a proponent of the Hyde Amendment since it passed in 1976. I am reminded of the saying, “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”


Deer Point Drive

Seabrook Island

‘Rule of law’

In regard to the June 17 Post and Courier article, “Legal fight to raise cost for parks in Dorchester.”

Dorchester County Council’s legal battle was about constitutional legality, not about parks or libraries. Council created a situation that deprived citizens of choice. They could vote no against parks and libraries, or yes for both parks and libraries.

Later, after our S.C. Attorney General advised council that state constitutional precedents require a separate vote for each item, members ignored that advice. Instead, they sent the case to a lower court judge who ruled in council’s favor. Consequently, the case was referred to the S.C. Supreme Court.

As I viewed the video hearing of the Supreme Court regarding two questions (parks and libraries) on one referendum, one justice exclaimed that, “If you can put two questions on one referendum, why not five, or 10 or more?”

The Supreme Court ultimately ruled 5-0 in favor of our constitution and against County Council.

Is the money lost regrettable? No! The rule of law prevailed. A precedent was confirmed as well as citizens’ rights. Millions will be saved statewide.

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Our constitutional republic is at risk as our representatives increasingly choose the “rule of man” over the “rule of law.”

It’s refreshing to see local efforts to stop cronyism.

Paraphrasing George Washington: The Constitution’s power is always with the people. When power is executed contrary to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will be, recalled.

Think on these words.


Franklin Court


Show pride

My wife and I just completed a 15-day ocean cruise of cities in eight countries in and around the North and Baltic seas. It was a fantastic voyage with many memorable moments.

One thing was evident at every port of call. The people love their lakes, fjords and other natural surroundings. They do not dirty them, and all are very clean. The pride of country shows everywhere.

And they provide for their visitors. Restrooms (mainly portable) are at every well-visited attraction. We can learn much from those folks, specifically how beautiful it is when the streets and highways are not trashed.


King Street

Mount Pleasant