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Letters to the Editor: Clean trash from Filbin Creek

trash filbin creek.JPG (copy)

Trash collects along Filbin Creek on March 5, 2021, in North Charleston. File/Andrew J. Whitaker/Staff

The picture of trash collecting in Filbin Creek in the March 12 Post and Courier made me weep for the animals that depend on it for their water source.

North Charleston can spend tax money on numerous studies to find out why Filbin Creek floods. The answer is not floodgates but something more simple.

You have to get your hands wet and clean out the trash being thrown into the creek.

Mother Nature is crying for help. Where are the ecology groups that talk about a cleaner Earth and ignore this happening in their backyard?

The creatures deserve to live in a safe environment, too. This creek is an environmental hazard.


Filly Court

North Charleston

Don't credit Biden

Saturday’s Post and Courier editorial gives credit to President Joe Biden for saying “don’t come” to our Central American neighbors.

I am sure it would have been more effective if he had added “please.”

Also, giving Vice President Kamala Harris the job of solving the border mess is a waste of time since she has already said she won’t be visiting the border but would go to the triangle countries to deliver money.

Take a page from the Obama administration years and just send plane loads of cash.


Legends Club Drive

Mount Pleasant

Immigrants needed

In Saturday’s Post and Courier editorial, there was reference three times to the “border problem” and once to the “border issue.”

The use of the word “problem” instills in reader’s minds that it is a problem and not an issue.

The U.S. birth rate is at 1.73 births per woman and dropping while it takes 2.1 birth rate to replace the existing population. There is a projection of no increase in our population beginning in 2050 and actual dropping thereafter.

We need such people desiring to enter our country. Without such immigration, the workforce will decrease with all of its ramifications to Social Security, tax income and many other negative impacts.

Greater encouragements for immigration into our country is needed with an effective program to review the applicants. Instead of a wall, we need bridges over the Rio Grande.


Tugalo Street

Johns Island

Best tree choice

I am writing regarding the palmetto tree to be placed on the new state flag. The Legislature has wasted far too much time on something that should be a given.

We have an officially adopted state tree, the sabal palmetto, adopted in 1939. Its image can be found in the official booklet of S.C. State Symbols and Emblems (and in South Carolina’s Legislative manuals). Logically, that state tree should be the tree on the flag.

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Camfield Lane

Mount Pleasant

Parish released

A compassionate release from prison for former economist Al Parish, who pleaded guilty to running a $66 million investment fraud?

Let’s get him a participation trophy as well.


Lantern Street


Hwy. 41 realities

After reading all the eclectic thoughts concerning S.C. Highway 41 in Mount Pleasant, I thought of the quote made by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl: “Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.”

Highway 41 needs to be expanded into five lanes exactly where it is. It is enormously expensive to use a Band-Aid to stop the bleeding when major arteries are about to explode.

Interstate 526 and Highway 41 are the only routes from Clements Ferry Road, which is going through its second expansion, to Mount Pleasant and to the beaches.

The ongoing commercial and residential developments along Clements Ferry Road and Highway 41 are mind-boggling and will soon make the road undriveable. Directing any part of it through Dunes West only exacerbates the problem.

Knowing that we need to preserve both the Phillips Community and its families with ties to the area, and to respect its other residents as well, this is what we should present: To those people with family history, who will be directly affected by the highway expansion, they deserve to be taken care of with new land and homes. To others who do not, another solution should be offered.


Great Hope Drive

Mount Pleasant

Irish footnote

As the charter president of the South Carolina Irish Historical Society, I thank The Post and Courier and Maura Hogan for the excellent coverage on Irish roots in the March 14 Life section.

I would like to add a footnote to recognize those responsible for the events and history.

Jerry McMahon and Jimmy Kerr also were founders of the Society in 1979. McMahon was the inspiration and originator of the enduring ties with County Clare, Ireland, and Kerr was the president who first approached Charleston officials in 1994 for permission to erect an Irish memorial.

David McCann, Michael Robinson, Harry Cale, Debbie Eures Hennesey, Steve Regan, John Corless and others too numerous to mention worked tirelessly to build the dream.

On this St. Patrick’s Day, James John Brady was bestowed the highest and rarest honor, the Irish Heritage Award, for his role in building the Irish Memorial in Charleston.

All was made possible by the dedication and support of Peter Considine and Philip O’Reilly of County Clare and Joseph P. Riley Jr. of Charleston.


Clearview Drive


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