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Letters to the Editor: Charleston must enforce face mask rule to control COVID-19

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Visitors crowd South Market Street beside the  historic Charleston City Market in July. File/Gavin McIntyre/Staff

I urge Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg, City Councilwoman Marie Delcioppo and Dan Riccio, director of livability and tourism, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by enforcing the city’s mask ordinance.

On Saturday, when driving from the City Market to The Battery, throngs of people in groups, both large and small, were walking our streets without masks.

Clearly, there seems to be no enforcement action as they seemed oblivious to the mandate. If our leaders are elected to protect the city’s citizens, something is not working.

I am not in favor of a total lockdown, but if the city passes an ordinance that masks are required when in close proximity, please follow the rules.

There was neither a tourism enforcement officer nor police officer in sight in one of the most heavily congested areas in our city.

Health is a concern for all of us, but it seems many can flout the rule without repercussions.


State Street


Muschamp is smart one

After three years of lackluster performance as head football coach at the University of South Carolina, Will Muschamp inked a $28.2 million, six-year contract extension in 2018. My friend and workout buddy at the gym said at the time that Muschamp was the smartest man in South Carolina.

Two years later, his performance hasn’t changed. Sadly, the Gamecocks’ record so far for this season is 2-5, which is not good by any measure.

Muschamp will be encouraged to ride off into the sunset with a lucrative multimillion-dollar contract buyout, and the university, its alumni, fans and supporters will have nothing to crow about.

I’m inclined to agree with my friend now that Muschamp is quite smart. Be assured, though, that my name will be in the running when the next head football coach’s position becomes available at USC.

For $28.2 million, I can perform just as poorly, or even worse.

Famed rhythm and blues singer William Bell croons, “Everybody loves a winner, but when you lose, you lose alone.”


Harborsun Drive


Voting procedure woes

I propose that we return to the old days of the election voting procedure. When I started voting the polls were open for Election Day only. An absentee ballot could be requested ahead of time if you had a good excuse, such as traveling or you were incapacitated. Nobody complained about that procedure.

Voting well before the election has two problems.

First, much information that affects opinions could occur days or weeks before Election Day. You can not go back and change a submitted ballot.

Second, as shown in this election, a multitude of issues could occur. Mailing ballots to everyone is probably the best opportunity for ballot tampering. There is no way to prove who actually voted on ballots returned.

Going to the polls in person and presenting a picture ID is the fairest way to assure a clean election.


Marsh Hen Drive

Seabrook Island

Protect ratepayers

With the elections behind us, it’s important for the General Assembly to focus on protecting Santee Cooper ratepayers when it reconvenes in January.

Gov. Henry McMaster and the House and Senate leadership have blasted Santee Cooper’s recent decision to go behind the Legislature’s back and increase its already crippling debt by $100 million.

House Speaker Jay Lucas said Santee Cooper had a “lingering disdain for any oversight.” Sen. Shane Massey said, “Santee Cooper desperately needs a house cleaning. The entire board. The entire management team.”

Sen. Hugh Leatherman called on the board chairman to resign.

Gov. McMaster called the utility a “rogue agency.”

Time after time, Santee Cooper has proven that its leadership cannot be trusted and that it’s a poorly functioning, unaccountable state-owned bureaucracy, not a well-run utility. It just can’t be fixed.

There is no way Santee Cooper can bail itself out of a nearly $7 billion debt hole without rates skyrocketing, especially when it’s adding more debt instead of paying it off.

The General Assembly must work toward a sale of Santee Cooper. That’s the only way out for ratepayers and taxpayers.


North Ocean Boulevard

Surfside Beach

Holiday decorations

I want to thank whoever chose the beautiful hanging baskets with festive balls in them for our lampposts on King Street.

These are classy and festive, and much better than the past few years. It’s so nice to see King Street festive and beautiful. I hope that people will come downtown and shop in our beautiful stores.

The decorations should be put on Broad Street as well.


Antler Drive


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