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Letters to the Editor: Charleston administrator payout absurd action by County Council

Jennifer Miller headshot

Jennifer Miller was promoted to Charleston County Administrator in 2017, but left in January before the end of her three-year contract. 

Shame on any member of Charleston County Council who had a part in the absurd payout for former Administrator Jennifer Miller upon her separation from county employment.

Why on earth would taxpayers hand nearly a quarter-million dollars to someone whose contract contained no severance clause?

I believe she had some info on someone, and they didn’t want word leaking out.

Such behavior isn’t the sole province of Washington.


Ivy Hall Road


Authority broke rules

It’s not a stretch to believe that public boards should operate in the public interest, or that public money should be handled through a public process.

The Charleston County Aviation Authority broke both of these most basic rules when it hired authority member Elliott Summey as its new director, and in so doing, its decision should be overturned and its board reconfigured.

Scoppe: Let's put blame for Charleston airport outrage where it belongs. And fix it

What occurred was wrong, which is why Henry Fishburne was so right in resigning from the board.

Despite all the talent across the Lowcountry, state and nation, no one is given even a chance to interview for a $290,000 a year job? That’s preposterous for a public entity.

The question for all of us is what are we going to do about it? In essence, there was a coup d’état at the authority.

I recently spoke with someone who had been working for months to help get the composition of the board right so that Summey could get himself appointed to this job.

As with all coups, perpetrators expect people to be too busy with their lives to do anything about it. This would be a mistake because even while serving as governor, I never saw political cronyism this blatant. And cronyism does not get better with time.

If it stands, we are all getting ready to be ripped off as well, because a board that will look the other way and condone this is ripe for the picking as a few hundred million dollars of business is scheduled to come its way.


King Street

Mount Pleasant

Condemn colleagues

I sure hope U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham will strongly condemn the behavior of his Democratic colleagues at the Feb. 4 State of the Union address.

Trump ousts officials who testified in impeachment inquiry

To see Democrats refusing to acknowledge families rocked by terrorism and illegal immigrant criminals protected by California’s “sanctuary state” policy was sickening.

To see the Democrats sit on their hands rather than show pride and happiness for economic advances for all Americans also showed me that they live in an alternative universe.

But the worst part was the behavior of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The conclusion is that they hate Donald Trump more than they love this country, and this is exactly why Trump will be reelected in November.


Canebreak Lane

Mount Pleasant

Above the law?

Finally, I realize that President Donald Trump said something I can believe: He really could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.

Apparently, he is above the law and, if you believe what Alan Dershowitz says, he can do anything he wants.

Trump ousts officials who testified in impeachment inquiry

What happened Feb. 5 in the Senate was a travesty. Once again, Republicans became Trump’s accomplices.

I hope Americans realize what has just been taken from us. Our Congress can no longer see classified documents or subpoena witnesses. We have given over any moral authority we had to the idea that Donald Trump is now our sovereign leader.

If you watched the impeachment proceedings, you saw how one man, Mitch McConnell, can have enough power to literally ban witnesses and documents from a trial.

This Republican Party is no longer the Republican Party of my parents or grandparents. It has become the party of “lock her up,” inappropriate and vulgar speeches, and accepting the more than 15,000 documented lies we have been told.

It is so frightening to see what has happened to our country in just three years.

We are no longer world leaders but are ridiculed by countries that used to respect us.

Hopefully, our elections will not be compromised in 2020, and we will elect an honorable person, Democrat, Republican or independent who will put American interests first.


Neighbors Way

Mount Pleasant

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