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Letters to the Editor: Celebrate Israel to commemorate founding in 1948

Israel Independence Day

Israel is celebrating its annual Independence Day on April 29, marking 72 years since the founding of the state in 1948. file/Oded Balilty/AP

Today is Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, which commemorates the founding of Israel in 1948. Join us in supporting America’s strongest ally, the only representative democracy in the Middle East, by displaying the Israeli flag.

It is important for Americans to celebrate Israel’s independence and continued existence for a number of reasons.

For those who follow the Bible, Genesis 12:3 says of the children of Israel: “I will bless those who bless you, and those who curse you I will curse.”

It would show gratitude for America’s greatest friend and strongest ally. And it would support a beleaguered friend who is surrounded by those who would destroy the nation. Please show your enthusiastic support for the Jewish state of Israel on April 29.


Old Course Lane

Mount Pleasant

Berkeley growth

Now in my 12th year as a Cane Bay homeowner in Berkeley County, I read with interest the April 19 Post and Courier front-page story, “Once-rural Berkeley faces city-sized challenges.”

It’s nice to be singled out as “among the nation’s best-selling master planned communities.”

But when one reads all the problems associated with being a best-seller with grossly deficient infrastructure, it is very sobering indeed.

I wonder what county government officials were thinking when they were handing out homebuilding permits willy-nilly without due consideration for school overcrowding, road deficiencies and poor access to evacuation routes and emergency services?


Sea Lavender Lane


Passing the buck

I would like to thank and commend all health care workers on the front lines. And I send a special thanks to New York’s governor, who has proven to be a strong leader. We are living in troublesome times and need strong leadership.

The president did not want the responsibility of reopening so he passed the buck to the governors.

The governors did not want the responsibility so they passed it to the mayors.

Each night before I go to bed, I listen to how many people are dying. When I awake in the morning, the numbers have increased.

If the death tolls are increasing, how does that equate to opening up the economy?

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We need to put more pressure on the federal, state and local governments for more assistance.

The time that we are living in requires great sacrifice, which is not easy. But we must remain strong and move forward.

I believe we need widespread testing before we can go back to “normal” living. I am sure there are others who agree.

I am glad that the schools will remain closed and the children are still being fed. I hope and pray that our leaders will listen to the professionals. Also, I hope the professionals can stay strong and continue to say what they mean.

This is not about politics.

We are dealing in human lives.

In this situation, we all have a chance to choose in regard to our loved ones. So make a wise choice.


Amherst Street


Refugee children

While our attention is focused on COVID-19’s impact on our families, we must not forget its impact on vulnerable children in U.S. custody.

The Office for Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has thousands of unaccompanied children in its care in overcrowded facilities. This is alarming to me as a teacher of immigrant children.

We aren’t letting our children go to school or to the playground. So why are we allowing other innocent children to remain in overcrowded facilities?

Unfortunately, yet predictably, there are many cases of unaccompanied children in detention centers who have tested positive for COVID-19. This puts the lives of every other child there at risk. This is unacceptable and certainly counterproductive to managing the pandemic.

Join me and Save the Children Action Network in contacting your policymakers and the Trump administration, urging ORR to release vulnerable populations such as children and pregnant women from detention settings and state-run facilities where the risk of a coronavirus outbreak is high.

We must remind our elected leaders to remain true to America’s core values when making decisions during this difficult chapter in our nation’s history.

While it’s understandable to be afraid during these uncertain times, this fear shouldn’t prevent us from protecting vulnerable children seeking refuge. All children deserve protection no matter their nationality.


Sam Rittenberg Boulevard



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