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Letters to the Editor: Boeing solution to safety is first flights by board, managers

Boeing now saying pilots need simulator training for 737 Max (copy)

An United Airlines 737 Max airplane takes off from Renton, Wash., last year. File/AP

When Boeing feels that its 737 Max is safe and ready to fly again, I recommend that the board of directors, senior management and engineers take a seat on the 737 Max and take a trip around the world, with multiple takeoffs and landings.

It will take multiple planes but I understand there is plenty of inventory.


Daniels Pointe Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

HOA bashing

I consider myself a survivor of having served 11 on-again, off-again years with my homeowners association. Some deep friendships were developed, enemies were made, friends lost, meals missed and nights without sleep.

Our neighborhood is mentioned in legal annals in regard to a 4-year bankruptcy situation against us that resulted in modified S.C. statutes relating to golf course conversions into housing development.

Editorial: HOA foreclosures are out of control. SC Legislature needs to rein them in

I’ve seen boards of directors that were good, bad, indifferent, overzealous and do-nothing. Most of the time volunteers have a real connection to their community, want to learn more and to serve. Others have a burr under their saddle and want to turn everything upside down when they don’t like something.

Why is it that most folks move into an HOA community because it looks good, and then they want to ignore the contract?

Unfortunately, their violations not only negatively impact their property values but spread through the neighborhood.

Nonpayment of regime fees for operating an HOA is always contentious: “I don’t have a green area,” “I don’t belong to the pool” and the list goes on.

In the good old days, Small Claims Court was a proper venue for enforcement and small debt collection. More recently, however, the angst toward HOAs frequently leads to nonsupportive rulings, often forcing other means for collecting funds.

Maybe it’s time for a South Carolina Homeowners’ Court.


Runnymede Lane



I did not vote for President Donald Trump, but some of the reasons given for impeaching him do not make sense and could damage America.

It could be true that he gave Ukraine aid in return for a favor, but if we did not help them, Russia would have been more than glad to take them, and America would lose.

Rep. Joe Cunningham applauded for impeachment vote at town hall but still faced criticism

It would be like wanting to impeach President Franklin Roosevelt because he gave aid to England to help us win the war against Hitler.

It would make more sense to impeach President Barack Obama for the deal he made with Iran.

This impeachment against Trump is starting to look like a big waste of money. We have all heard the saying “If it is not broke, do not try to fix it.”

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Reagan Drive


Education plans

I am excited to welcome South Carolina state legislators back to work. As a South Carolinian who has dedicated my life to children’s early development, I am especially thrilled to hear about the governor’s plans to expand 4K to all low-income children across South Carolina.

I am a retired public school teacher and early childhood consultant, now serving as executive director for Dorchester County First Steps, and I am an advocate for Save the Children Action Network (SCAN). Therefore, I constantly see the positive impact early learning has on a child’s development.

Investing in early childhood education, which includes evidence-based home visiting, high-quality pre-K and affordable child care programs for children from birth until age 5, paves the way for a child’s future success in school and in life.

Children who are not exposed to early learning opportunities before 5 are left at a distinct disadvantage. Research proves this as well. Children who receive a quality early education are 20 percent more likely to graduate from high school and will go on to earn, on average, 50 percent more than their peers who did not receive a quality early childhood education.

Early education is a bipartisan issue that each and every South Carolinian has a vested interest in. Now is the time to prioritize kids – investing in kids is an investment in our future.


Chaff Lane

Moncks Corner

Make Trump wait

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should have held onto the impeachment document until after the 2020 election.

Pelosi sets Wednesday votes to send impeachment to Senate

This would have precluded President Donald Trump from screaming he was not convicted, and it would have saved face for the Senate Republican sycophants, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, who will not convict.


Liberty Midtown Drive

Mount Pleasant

South’s hospitality

Commentary: Freedom and opportunity beat bureaucracy and paternalism

Is it odd that 52% of South Carolina’s migration comes from North Carolina, Georgia and Florida?

Is this evidence that many “Southerners” only complain of Yankees influencing southern hospitality?


Atlantic Avenue

Sullivan’s Island

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