U.S. leaders have recently spent time and energy discussing illegal immigrants, tariffs and whether Russia should be invited to join the G-7 next year.

I believe, however, that more attention should have been given to the thousands of fires in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil.

While U.S. leaders are distracted with other sometimes important and sometimes silly issues, our entire planet is being impacted by the effects of these massive fires.

In addition, our national economy may be affected in the future because most of these fires have been set to prepare the land for farms and cattle ranches that will compete with American farms.

We must also recognize that our trade war with China may be behind many of the fires in Brazil. For decades, the Chinese have said that they would lessen their dependence on the American farm industry.

The Chinese have aggressively invested in vast land holdings in many areas across the globe, including South America, Africa and Australia.

The Chinese want to position themselves to compete with American farmers on the world stage. We realize that the Chinese have no lack of funds for the purchase of farm equipment and agricultural lands.

Americans should be very concerned about the economic as well as the environmental effects of the burning of the Amazon rainforest.


Woodlands Ridge Road


Fax communications

Don’t throw away that old fax machine. You may need it to communicate with your doctors.

I am amazed at how many Charleston area doctors don’t provide an email address for communication. Within the past two weeks, several receptionists at doctors offices have advised me that the best way to communicate with the doctor is by fax.

We hauled our old broken fax machine out of the storage closet. We were lucky. If one of us holds the parts together, the other can insert the letter and dial the number.

I have asked many of our friends if they still use fax machines. Most of them no longer have one, and many use only cellphones and don’t have a landline to connect the fax.

Yes, we’ve heard it’s possible to fax from your computer, but this involves software and additional cost.

I am 100% aware that my MUSC doctor does not answer each email himself. You can be sure, however, that someone from his office will respond very quickly.

You may not want to invest time at your next doctor’s appointment to ask about the office’s primary method of communication.

You should, though, ask the receptionist: What’s the best way to communicate with this doctor?


Pasdalum Court


East Side diversity

In an Aug. 18 Post and Courier column, Steve Bailey said the Eastside Community Development Corporation needs to “recruit whites.”

Can someone explain to me what exactly “recruit whites” means? You don’t recruit just blacks or just whites. Human beings of all races, colors, nationalities, languages and faiths should lead Charleston’s East Side community.

Bailey: Charleston's East Side belongs to neither blacks nor whites. It belongs to everyone
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A community organization doesn’t “recruit” a particular racial group because that is discrimination. A community organization should accept all races who give their time and energy, not just one or two racial groups.

The world is not just black and white, and the South is not just black and white, either.

It’s the 21st century and segregation, anti-miscegenation, hypodescent and the “one-drop rule” are all abolished, even though people try to enforce them socially even now.

I am a multiracial youth from Poland, and I volunteer for the Eastside Community Development Corp. Facebook page. I write about neighborhood events, gentrification, prejudice against multiracials, reverse discrimination, classism and adult bullying.


America Street


Protesting Russians

We read about 50,000 young pro-democracy Russians protesting against President Vladimir Putin’s authoritarianism and white purity leanings and the poll stating that 45% of young Russians would rather live in some other country.

And then we read about tens of thousands of Hong Kong citizens protesting for more democracy and against authoritarian takeover by Beijing.

Do you think there’s a lesson about authoritarianism for our president here?


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