One in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. My dad was one of them, and I miss him every day.

More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s today. Our elected officials must recognize that this is a national public health crisis that needs their attention.

I am so thankful to share that our new congressman in the Lowcountry, Rep. Joe Cunningham, has shown his support by joining the Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease.

This act demonstrates his understanding that Alzheimer’s is an unavoidable reality for families, as well as a budget-breaker for our government.

This bipartisan task force works to advance research and awareness by bringing

Alzheimer’s disease to the forefront of the congressional agenda.

And, I am very happy that the newest member comes from our great state.

Alzheimer’s affects everyone. It is the most expensive disease in the United States, costing the Medicaid and Medicare systems $195 billion in 2019. That can only change by investing in Alzheimer’s research and helping affected families find vital resources as early as possible.

As an Alzheimer’s Association advocate, I’ve been happy to meet with Rep. Cunningham, as well as his attentive staff, to discuss these staggering numbers and to share my story. I look forward to continuing to work with them on ways we can continue to address this issue.


Old Village Drive

Mount Pleasant

Litterers must pay

If someone litters, they should pay a fine, at least $100. Not many people would litter if police would ticket them. They should at least stop them and warn them.

I spent 20 years in the Navy and went to many other countries, but never did I go to a country as nasty as the one I have lived in for 79 years. Vietnam wasn’t this dirty.


Gervais Street


Party of  Trump

The Republican Party no longer exists. It is now the Party of Trump, and members have bestowed their undying loyalty upon their leader and do not hold him accountable for his conduct.

If that doesn’t scare you, it should. As of this writing, we have a four-page interpretation of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report by Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr whose credibility and integrity have been shattered. More than 700 legal scholars say the redacted version of the report outlines numerous acts of obstruction of justice by the president.

Yet the Party of Trump is intensifying its zealous support of a president whose ignorance, arrogance and behavior are seen by most Americans as unworthy of the office he holds.

The president, unrestrained by the Party of Trump, has run roughshod over the country and the rule of law.

For more than two years, the party, which could have checked his abuses, put their heads in the sand, apparently because Trump has shown he will push their extreme conservative agenda.

It is also frightening to see the president at his rallies relentlessly and ruthlessly attacking the press and those who disagree with him, and getting frenzied applause from the crowd.

We have much to fear, folks, and it is not fear itself. It is Trump and a complicit Party of Trump.


Eastern Isle Avenue


Democratic hatred

The Democratic Party of JFK is gone. Dead.

It has been replaced by ugly anti-Americans who are progressive/socialist/Marxist.

They are so consumed with hate for President Donald Trump and his family that they have become blind.

Their agenda is antithetical to our Constitution, our form of government, our Bill of Rights and everything our founders fought and gave their lives for.

They embrace Democrats who openly support late-term abortions and Democrats who are openly anti-Semitic.

They continue to divide us along the lines of race, gender and religion, among other things, and continue to show more support for illegal immigrants who are trying to come to our country than they do for law-abiding citizens.

Our country is on a dangerous course, and I pray we can save our constitutional republic.


S.C. Highway 52

Moncks Corner

Library name

In early 1946 at the end of World War II, a group of at least 30 young men felt a need to honor veterans who had fought for our country.

The men solicited the help of area citizens to work together to raise money for a memorial.

What better way to honor the veterans than to build a library?

The Cooper River Memorial Library was dedicated in honor of WWII veterans. The veterans include at least three who are now older than 90.

Others, too many to list, are no longer alive. They served in all branches and had many interesting stories.

Almost all Charleston County residents have relatives or family friends to add to the list. Our veterans continue to deserve the honor of this memorial.

The library has existed for 70 years and has been a valuable asset to the community. It is now being replaced.

The Charleston County Library Board of Trustees recommended keeping the name, but Charleston County Council decided otherwise and named it after the mayor of North Charleston, Keith Summey.

Everyone who has ever used the library, or has a relative or friend who is/was a WWII veteran, please call, email, or write to Charleston County Council members to ask them to name the new library The Cooper River Memorial Library.


Waterview Drive

North Charleston

Humane solution

Bus immigrants?

Yes. But immigrants should not be bused just to cities President Donald Trump hates to punish his critics. Each state should take in immigrants as a percentage of the state’s population compared to the U.S. total.

We could then take new pride in the Statue of Liberty.

For example, if Florida is 4.5 percent of the U.S. population, Florida should accept 4.5 percent of immigrants.

This would be a fair and humane system, provided Trump doesn’t separate immigrant children and block them from seeing their parents again.

If Democrats had any sense, they would craft a percentage bill state-by-state to help solve the problems at the border.


West Montague Avenue

North Charleston


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