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Passengers travel through the 10 gates on Concourse B at Charleston International Airport. Brad Nettles/Staff

Editorial: Executives salaries flying high at Charleston airport

Remember when the airport was so badly in need of funds that it took away free parking that had been available for handicapped people?

Now I see why. Current salaries are really off the chart.

They couldn’t afford to provide a needed benefit to handicapped drivers, but they sure can afford these outrageous salaries.

It appears airport officials have their priorities wrong. It’s OK to overpay salaries, but those at the top who refuse to provide this needed parking benefit should all be ashamed.


Farmhill Drive


2020 election violence?

SC Sen. Tim Scott calls Trump's words 'racially offensive;' Lindsey Graham backs Trump

Two years ago, white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, carrying Tiki torches chanted for Jews to go back to their countries.

Similarly, President Donald Trump played the race card by asking the four nonwhite congresswomen to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

His supporting crowd screaming “Send them back” reminds one of Nazi Germany, where crowds responding to Hitler’s speeches screamed “Sieg Heil.”

Now our president has lashed out at U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings about his rat-infested Baltimore-area district. The expression is reminiscent of our history of bigotry and racism that appears alive and well in our country.

Ironically, The Washington Post reported that some of the apartments in Baltimore infested with mice are owned by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law.

Our president intends to win the 2020 election no matter what and at the price of dividing our country.

If the Democrats win the 2020 election, I believe that Trump will not accept the results and will tweet that the elections were rigged. He likely will ask his supporters to come out and demonstrate their “anger” in the streets. Blood could be shed before order and sanity is restored.


Saturday Road

Mount Pleasant

Cable station standoff

Recent comments on the social media site NextDoor blame AT&T’s “corporate greed” as the motivation for the standoff between AT&T television provider U-verse and DirectTV with Nexstar Communications, owner of Charleston’s NBC affiliate.

Yet Nexstar has demanded an increase in retransmission fees that AT&T characterizes as the biggest it has ever experienced.

Retransmission fees are what network affiliates charge cable providers to carry their channels as part of a basic cable package.

A 2016 article by a telecom industry consultant stated that his clients faced retransmission fees of about $2 per month for each of the four major networks, or $8 a month for local network affiliates.

These channels are available for free with an over-the-air antenna.

In comments on a February 2019 earnings release, Nexstar CEO Perry Sook stated, “With the renewal of retransmission consent agreements representing approximately 10% of our subscriber base in 2018 and more than 70% to be renewed in 2019, continued revenue growth from this source remains highly visible for 2019 and beyond.”

If you’re with a company other than AT&T, that’s a pretty clear indication you’ll get your turn somewhere down the road.

I watched WCBD-TV’s local and national news before Nexstar blacked them out. I’ll not watch any of Channel 2’s programming even when they come back on the air.

Goodbye, Carolyn, Brendan, Rob and Lester. Just blame Nexstar’s “corporate greed.” Hello, Ashley, Dean, Dave and David.


Scott Street

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Debate circus

Democratic debate puts Joe Biden's long legislative record in the hot seat

When I see the Democratic debates, the song “Send in the Clowns” comes to mind.


Witter Street

James Island

Making ends meet

My empathy goes out to people who struggle to make ends meet, especially when they are trying to raise a child on their own.

I applaud Taiwanna Milligan’s dedication to her job and wanting to stay employed, as referenced in the July 28 Post and Courier article. But a daily commute from Orangeburg to Charleston is a tough way to live.

2020 Democratic race renews focus on $15 minimum wage in South Carolina

Interested and concerned, I was happy to find three of the fast food restaurants in and around Orangeburg. It’s too bad she couldn’t land one of the 12 jobs posted at one of her local McDonald’s.

Without spending two hours each day on the road, she would have more time to put toward earning money, or, better yet, more time with her child.

Some of the listed jobs are even leader or management jobs. I’m sure with her background and a positive attitude, she would be an asset.


Railway Drive


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