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Letters: Sullivan's Island election stirs issues for voters

Lighthouse.jpg (copy)

The Sullivan’s Island lighthouse and the tops of oceanfront homes can be seen from behind the maritime forest on April 16, 2021. Grace Beahm Alford/Staff

Vote may save forest

Many on Sullivan’s Island feel as I do that our maritime forest is a gift from God and nature.

All over the Lowcountry, we are witnessing the daily loss of our green spaces and trees. Our coastlines are eroding and sea levels are rising.

To have a maritime forest growing on our island to protect us from storm surge and provide root systems to help with drainage is a blessing that we should seek to preserve, not destroy.

It is also a magical place that we all can go to experience solitude, listen to birds singing as well as feel awe and gratitude. All of this is just a few minutes from a rapidly urbanizing Charleston.

Sara Diaz, who runs the bird banding station in the maritime forest, called the plan approved by the Sullivan’s Island Town Council by a 4 to 3 vote a plan of complete destruction.

I stand with Ms. Diaz, as do many of us on the island. I go there often with my grandchildren and I regularly see many others enjoying this special place.

My hope is that when my grandchildren become grandparents themselves some day, it will still be there for them to take their grandchildren to.

We owe it to all those who come after us to preserve and protect this gift. Future generations will never forgive us for willfully deforesting our island.

Please join me in voting for Patrick O’Neil for mayor and Scott Millimet, Justin Novak and Gary Visser for Town Council.

Our choice on May 4 will determine the legacy we leave.


Seabreeze Lane

Sullivan’s Island

O’Neal a 1-issue mayor

I’d like to thank Sullivan’s Island Mayor Pat O’Neil for his Monday commentary.

It proves what many islanders have been saying for a very long time: Mr. O’Neil is obsessed with one issue, the settled accreted land lawsuit.

It’s all he can talk about. In fact, 80% of his recent op-ed is devoted to it. This article is a metaphor for how he has approached town business, and all else falls into the category of neglect, patching, fixing and staying behind the eight ball.

In the rest of his op-ed, he writes about projects on neglected items that have been pushed by the council to be dealt with.

Mr. O’Neil may think things have never been better, but the town is ripped apart. And he has only made the chasm wider, showing little interest in community.

We have borrowed $50 million in bond money because no one has ever thought to budget properly. No one had a vision for the future. Our fire department building was neglected and the practice of resilience ignored.

I agree with Mr. O’Neil entirely on one point: Citizens need to rebuild their trust in town government.

With that said, I have no trust in town government led by him.


Raven Drive

Sullivan’s Island

Sell Santee Cooper

Where is the fire department to put out the dumpster fire at Santee Cooper? If the state Senate leader thinks his plan is real reform, then he is whistling past the graveyard.

The former CEO of S.C. Electric & Gas was convicted for his part in the V.C. Summer nuclear power plant failure. The former CEO of Santee Cooper is rewarded with his golden parachute and no convictions.

The only way to put out the Santee Cooper fire is to sell.


Filly Court

North Charleston

Unrestrained growth

A recent news report quoted Charleston Planning Manager Christopher Morgan as saying: “The area (at Bees Ferry Road) is well-equipped for the new growth, especially this type of growth (a 358-unit apartment complex). We think it’s good for the city to have balanced growth.”

Let me remind Mr. Morgan that unrestrained growth can become a cancer. Let me also remind Mr. Morgan of the movie “Field of Dreams” and the phrase, “If you build it, they will come.”

We do not need to encourage more people to move here.


Savannah Highway


Attacks on Asians sad

It is very upsetting to watch televised attacks on Asians in the streets of America.

These innocent people did nothing wrong.

Asian people contribute a lot to America’s greatness, and their children are more likely to be respectful and do well academically.

Did these criminals attack them because of jealousy?

I don’t know, but I know how these inhumane and barbaric acts can be stopped. Make the attacks a hate crime, arrest the perpetrators, lock them up and throw away the key.


Savannah Highway


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