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Letters: South Carolina GOP must stop lies

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Lin Wood delivers a speech to hundreds of people at a Bikers For Trump rally at the Honkeytonk Saloon on Sunday, May 2, 2021, in Ladson. Wood is challenging incumbent S.C. GOP Chairman Drew McKissick for his position. file/Gavin McIntyre/Staff

Is the South Carolina GOP losing its mind?

How else could any reasonable person describe a party seriously considering elevating a conspiracy theory-spouting lawyer from Georgia as its statewide leader?

Attorney Lin Wood is under investigation by the State Bar of Georgia for numerous allegations. He also has labeled traditional Republicans who refuse to bow to former President Donald Trump RINOs, meaning “Republicans in Name Only.”

This is after the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol and Trump continuing to spread the big lie about the 2020 election.

It is Lin Wood, the insurrectionists, the white supremacists, the neo-Nazis, the election-result deniers and, yes, the former president who are the RINOs.

The South Carolina GOP and the national GOP must exorcise themselves of these false “patriots,” get back to their traditional roots and stop the endless nonsense and lies espoused by MAGA and Trumpism.

Otherwise, the Grand Old Party will become irrelevant and die a slow death.


Governor’s Drive

Kiawah Island

Innovative solutions

President Joe Biden recently made a virtual visit to Proterra’s manufacturing operation in Greenville where electric buses are produced.

Proterra’s innovative operations should be highlighted and celebrated, but they are far from the only Upstate company in the vanguard of green technology.

In Greenville, General Electric designs and manufactures the 9HA turbine, the world’s most fuel-efficient natural gas turbine. The company also designs and tests wind turbine blades such as those on the Haliade-X, the world’s largest offshore wind turbine.

At the Advanced Manufacturing Works facility, the company is reducing carbon footprints with new additive manufacturing technologies.

BMW, the U.S. leader in automotive exports, produces SUVs, including plug-in hybrids, in Spartanburg.

In 2022, the company will release the BMW iX, its first all-electric compact SUV, with a driving range of 300 miles. By 2030, officials expect half of global deliveries to be electric vehicles.

When companies like Proterra, GE and BMW grow, the entire Upstate economy grows with them.

Suppliers here will share in the success, as will local small businesses who provide services to the region’s workforce.

With the Upstate poised to grow, our legislators should pursue policies that accelerate the transition to the green energy future.

The three mechanisms in the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act that do this are a carbon price, a carbon dividend and a border adjustment.

Knowing the compounding effects on the Upstate economy, 4th District Rep. William Timmons and Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott should champion the energy act as a bipartisan, market-based, pro-growth solution.

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Guess Street


Tax help appreciated

It was a relief and joy to have our 2020 taxes finished. We are still quarantined in senior living and do not use a computer.

Thanks to the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program at the Charleston County Library, a volunteer came to our center, picked up our papers from 2019 and 2020, reviewed them over the phone and returned them finished.

Thank you, VITA.



Liberty Midtown Drive

Mount Pleasant

Honor moms every day

“Make every day Mother’s Day” is an expression that I’ve said quite often to family and friends. I seemed to say it more frequently the last few years when my mother was in a nursing facility.

As I realized my time with her was short, I wanted her to know how truly special she was, especially on Mother’s Day.

Now that she is gone, I continue to tell family and friends to treat every day as Mother’s Day, but with a different purpose. I tell those with a mother, or someone they consider a mother figure, to make them feel special.

Mothers, and parents in general, sacrifice a lot to raise their children and give them the best opportunities possible. Sometimes, the roles later are reversed as children become caregivers to parents. It is then we begin to understand some of the hardships and tough choices they had to make.

That is when we come to the realization of what the role of a mother is truly about and better appreciate their value, not only to the family but to those whose lives they’ve touched.

Last year, I wrote a letter to the editor on how Father’s Day is often overshadowed by Mother’s Day. Even a special day like Mother’s Day can be overlooked or forgotten.

During these tumultuous times, we need to stop and recognize all mothers for helping shape our lives and make us the truly special people they expected us to be.


McAlhany Road



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