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Letters: Optometrist group needs eye exam for blind spot

checking eyes letters

An optometrist with Vision to Learn checks a Sanders-Clyde Elementary student’s eyes inside a mobile eye clinic Monday. Lauren Petracca/Staff

The Optometric Physicians Association appears to have a blind spot.

Instead of focusing on how to screen the eyesight of children at elementary schools, the group would rather criticize an organization that is already doing it.

In reading the article about how Vision to Learn is bringing free eye exams and glasses to kids, I expected that our local optometrists would be asking how to help instead of just being critical.

If the association had a more effective community outreach program, Vision to Learn would not be needed.

The Optometric Physicians Association needs an eye exam to get rid of its blind spot so that it can do the highly visible work that is obviously needed in our schools.


Palmetto Road

Edisto Island

Technology threat grows

It is amazing how the media’s coverage of Facebook prioritizing income over privacy is now in focus.

In the infancy of the internet, I predicted that it would be the greatest threat to human freedom since World War II.

I was trained in the military in computer science.

When I lost my freedom of movement in the mid-1980s as a result of having a pager for mission requirements, I decided to abandon the technology.

Today, that freedom and others are willingly forfeited all over the world for the sake of convenience and self-importance.

On Friday, it was revealed by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office that it was monitoring and collecting social media posts.

It is in the public interest to know that such surveillance has been in use for years across the nation, according to Freedom of Information lawsuits.

It is a shame the freedoms earned by blood, injury and suffering by so many generations are forfeited by two generations.

I predict there will be no recapturing those freedoms because theocratic or authoritarian forms of governments will be dominant.


Old Jackson Road

Goose Creek

COVID delays surgery

This is to all who have not gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

Your reasons sound valid. This is your body and you should be able to decide what to do with it. After all, it only affects you, right? Wrong.

On Aug. 26, I was diagnosed with a collapsed hip, which is like walking on a broken leg. The cure is a total hip replacement.

I was scheduled for surgery on Sept. 28. I received a call the day before to stop the prep because there was no room available for me at the hospital: It was full of COVID patients.

I can’t walk unless I use a walker, and even that is extremely painful. Nor can I lie down, sit up, stand or do anything without it involving my hip.

Those who have refused to get the vaccine have affected me. It will be seven weeks of pain before my rescheduled surgery, which is subject to cancellation again. I am unable to care for myself and need help with the most basic of chores.

The choice to remain unvaccinated while not considering others is the definition of selfish.


Riverland Woods Place


Kudos to dealership

I live in Ohio and was recently visiting friends in Charleston.

My Prius began making new, unusual noises and I was concerned about the safety of my car and driving back to Ohio.

I called Fred Anderson Toyota and explained my circumstances. An appointment was quickly made.

The service technicians made a video of my car’s examination and drove it to see if the noises I had heard could be replicated.

After the inspection, I was informed my car was operating as it was designed and was safe to drive back to Ohio.

I also was told there was some sort of recall on the air bags, so they fixed them while my car was there.

When I arrived to pick up my vehicle, I was handed my fob and told to have a safe trip back to Ohio.

I was not charged anything for the time and work that was done on my car.

There are still honest, ethical businesses and Fred Anderson Toyota is certainly one of them.


Crum Road

Youngstown, Ohio

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