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Letters: On this Memorial Day, take time to remember those who fought for our freedom

Michigan Memorial Day (copy)

An American flag flies from the gravesite of a military veteran, in honor of Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day is to be remembered as a day of sadness.

We are to remember those who never made it home alive after they fought for our freedom against those who hated us.

It’s a day to remember those who were killed and never found; to remember those who fought in the air, were shot down and their remains never found.

It’s a day to remember the warriors of the sea whose tomb is the ship they were on, from which they may not have escaped.

It’s a day to remember the ones on the battlefield who were dying from wounds, in pain and crying to see loves one again.

It’s a day to remember loved ones receiving a visit or letter notifying them their warrior would not be returning home alive.

So before celebrating the unofficial start of summer, let us all remember what Memorial Day is truly about.


Mellard Drive

Goose Creek

Bravo to MUSC for plan

This letter is in response to Dr.

Patrick J. Cawley’s May 26 commentary, “Why MUSC Health requires COVID-19 vaccinations.”

MUSC is requiring all employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccination to work and care for its patients.

This requirement is in keeping with the highest standard of public health measures to combat the pandemic.

It helps ensure that patients and fellow workers will be protected against the spread of the virus and protects the health care workers and others from infection.

As a patient, I am deeply appreciative of the leadership MUSC has shown statewide in combating this virus. It is particularly notable that all members of the board of trustees are vaccinated. This shows leadership at the very top of the institutional governance chain.

The Latin phrase primum non nocere (first, do no harm) is usually applied to withholding medical intervention, but MUSC is taking the concept a step further by vaccinating people against COVID-19.

Bravo to the leaders and caregivers in the MUSC Health System.


Dean Emeritus

MUSC College of Medicine

Rutledge Avenue


Handshake wiped off

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Did anyone besides me notice that after Vice President Kamala Harris shook hands with South Korean President Moon Jae on May 21 in the White House that she wiped her hand on her jacket?


Madison Court

Mount Pleasant

GOP must take action

Kudos to Tom Rice for having the integrity to insist on having Congress investigate the event that interfered with its operations on Jan. 6.

I wish Rep. Nancy Mace and other Republican members of Congress could find the same integrity and courage to take action.

Some Republicans in Congress argue that the events of Jan. 6 don’t need investigation.

Most reject this but do support the leadership’s argument that the legislative branch needn’t investigate the origin and motives of this attack because other branches of government are already doing so. (On Friday, the Senate all but ended any hopes for a bipartisan Jan. 6 commission.)

The Constitution grants the power to Congress to “exercise exclusive legislation” over the federal District of Columbia “in all cases whatsoever,” per Article 1, Section 8.

Congress has the primary responsibility for protecting the operation of the federal government.

The mob was trying to undo a presidential election and howling for then-Vice President Mike Pence’s head on a pike.

All Republicans in Congress now must cleanse the taint by acting vigorously and visibly to protect the integrity of the Constitution they’ve sworn to preserve and protect.


Pierce Street

Daniel Island

Photos are captivating

Super flower blood moon on May 26

Super flower blood moon on May 26

The partially eclipsed super flower blood moon and Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse shine just before dawn on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. But as the …

Kudos to Post and Courier photographer Andrew J. Whitaker for the extraordinary sun and moon shots featured on Thursday’s front page.

I suspect that this project involved a lot of waiting for the perfect moment.

The Post and Courier is fortunate to have his services.


Joyce Lane


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