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Letters: McMaster's order to drop face masks in schools creates chaos

McMaster at Governor's Mansion (copy) (copy) (copy)

Gov. Henry McMaster went to war against masks on Wednesday, declaring the CDC's recommendation that everyone continue to wear masks in crowds and indoors "absurd" and "totally unreasonable" and calling on local governments and schools to end mask mandates. file/Seanna Adcox/Staff

Gov. Henry McMaster’s executive order dismissing the face mask requirement in schools gives us another poor example of his leadership.

He left school districts holding the bag as run-of-the-mill policies and procedures have become politicized again.

“Chaos” was the word of the day as parents, teachers and administrators scrambled to implement his changes.

Education Superintendent Molly Spearman, a lifelong educator, even called out the governor for his shortsightedness.

Instead of trying to score points, perhaps Mr. McMaster should leave the governing of schools to the state superintendent of education.


Golden Bell Drive

Rock Hill

Hidden gems found

We recently discovered the following:

  • The city of Hanahan’s fabulous amphitheater overlooking the Goose Creek Reservoir.
  • Charleston Opera Theater, a first-class troupe of singers with incredibly trained operatic voices.
  • Wojciech Milewski, Summerville Orchestra’s music director, who conducted an orchestra ensemble perfectly in tune for the opera.
  • And, the latter two performing in the amphitheater on a lovely spring evening last Saturday.

If you weren’t there, you missed a grand evening.



Elm Hall Circle


Mace is wrong

Rep. Nancy Mace’s April 23 commentary suggesting that businesses are adversely impacted by people choosing unemployment over work is not only disingenuous but speaks volumes to what she views as important to the citizens she represents.

Her contention, without any support, that millions of Americans would be working if it weren’t for supplementary unemployment benefits is absurd.

Research has shown that people would rather work than receive government assistance.

This kind of simplistic thinking suggests that prioritizing the needs of businesses supersedes those of constituents who, in many cases, are food insecure, face eviction for late rent payments and lack or lost their health insurance in a state that refuses to expand Medicaid.

Her claim that “many businesses are offering $15 per hour, benefits, signing bonuses, etc.” doesn’t withstand scrutiny. How many retail and hospitality workers are paid $15 per hour, especially in the low-wage Charleston region?

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A $15 hourly wage would gross $2,600 per month or $31,200 per year, less than half the national median income.

According to an April 18 Post and Courier article, the lowest typical monthly rent in the Charleston area was nearly $1,000.

This indicates these workers could afford about $650 per month for housing.

The state has offered little assistance to working adults caring for the elderly and children, and remains near the bottom in the number of vaccinations received.

Citizens need real solutions that address real needs, not a simplistic diatribe against those trying to get through this mess while offering

no ideas that might actually help them.

Ms. Mace is failing South Carolina citizens while also revealing where her priorities truly lie.


Faber Place Drive

North Charleston

End fossil fuel reliance

Once again we are reminded of the danger of our reliance on fossil fuels by the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline and gas shortages created by panic buying.

When will we move beyond our fossil fuel dependence?

We can do that if we pass legislation that addresses climate change and encourages sustainable energy sources.

Moving from a fossil fuel-based economy to sustainable energy sources will get a huge boost if the carbon fee bills being discussed in Washington are enacted.

Putting a price on carbon will drive innovation that will enhance security, improve the environment and slow climate change.

We need a bipartisan solution and our South Carolina representatives in Congress should help lead the way.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has already indicated he intends to “lean into” climate change and has discussed potential common ground with President Joe Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry.

We all know how vulnerable the coast of South Carolina is to flooding, storms and increasing temperatures.

Let us all urge Sens. Graham and Tim Scott and Rep. Nancy Mace to be leaders in solving this most pressing problem.


Marsh Harbor Drive


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