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Letters: Johns Island construction projects are clearing trees, bushes from land

Johns Island Moratorium (copy)

New home construction is happening all along the main roads on Johns Island. File/Brad Nettles/Staff

New home construction continues at an accelerated pace on Johns Island.

All along River and Main roads and Maybank Highway are new developments. Trees and bushes are being removed, leaving acres of flat land with no growth.

What is almost laughable are two cleared tracks. The one on Main Road near St. John’s High School has a sign at the entrance: “Brady Tree Farm.” The other on Main Road farther west is “Sea Island Preserve.”

Explain to me: Where are the trees and what has been preserved?


Seabrook Island

Don’t fill Gadsden Creek

Filling in Gadsden Creek on the peninsula would not pass the litmus test of logical thinking, especially today.

The Dutch Dialogues report advised us to save it, which our city officials have ignored. Charleston should take responsibility for cleaning up its contamination.

Anyone who is in favor of suffocating this small tributary likely has ulterior motives.

Gadsden Creek is alive and can be rejuvenated and healed just like the human body, but it needs help.

Please join Friends of Gadsden Creek for this work.

Sullivan’s Islanders are protecting the maritime forest. Johns Islanders stood up to defend the Angel Oak. And James Islanders preserved McLeod Plantation.

The 4 acres I speak of are in metamorphosis. We can create a beautiful creek park, or we can destroy this creek forever and replace it with another concrete building. The choice really is ours.



Base name changes

An Associated Press article in Monday’s Post and Courier discussed the controversial topic of stripping Confederate names from military bases.

If this practice continues, I propose that the Confederate names be replaced with names of Medal of Honor recipients.

My first nomination for a name change would be to rename Fort Hood in Texas to Fort Murphy, in honor of one of the most decorated soldiers of World War II, Audie Murphy, a Texas native.



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