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Letters: Instagram helps small business group thrive during pandemic

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Lowcountry Ladies, a group of female-owned businesses based in Charleston, is growing.

Over the past year, no matter how tough the odds were for small businesses, we supported each other and we cheered each other on.

Thanks to the hard work of these talented women, and the power of Instagram, we were able to reach thousands of customers. The pandemic is a story of success for us and proof that embracing challenges and adapting to the new normal is a winning formula.

None of our more than two dozen members lost their businesses during the pandemic.

We credit, in no small part, the exposure social media platforms gave us. Utilizing tools such as Instagram stories, Instagram TV and Reels, we were able to collaborate with partners, offer special products and savings to our customers, and have an impact we could never have imagined.

And it is in this context that we want to thank the Lowcountry community for making it possible for us to grow.

Our promise to you as we move beyond the pandemic and back into as normal a life as possible is that we will continue to deliver high-quality customer services and products.

Our challenge to you is that no matter what kind of hand life may deal you, do not underestimate the power of the people around you and the tools at your fingertips to do great things.


Owner, @kaileysmonogram

Parsonage Woods Lane

Mount Pleasant

Detention directives

Are Charleston County detention center personnel supposed to follow all directives or are they allowed to ignore those that apply to mentally ill prisoners or those prisoners guilty of less than serious offenses?

I can’t imagine that any detention center employee would start the day hoping to get a chance to wrestle with an uncontrollable prisoner.

What exactly are the deputies supposed to do when an uncooperative prisoner cannot be controlled after multiple Taser shots and pepper spray? Just refuse to proceed with an unpleasant task?

Perhaps the deputies should have just called Sheriff Kristin Graziano and said, “Here, you deal with it.”

Graziano rates a pass for being too slow to change long-standing procedures during the first hours of her new job, but she gets an “F” for employee support.

This was an unfortunate incident to be sure, and the personnel involved may be guilty of poor judgment or a lack of patience while trying to do an unrewarding job.

It’s not always possible to deescalate a situation.


Palisades Drive

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Mount Pleasant

Customers’ choice

A May 22 letter writer noted that some of the major stores in the area have announced that vaccinated customers would not have to wear masks.

The letter writer asked, “How can they check?”

There has been an abundance of vaccine for several weeks.

For everyone who wants the vaccine, it is readily available.

So every customer in that store is either protected (vaccinated) or has made a conscious decision to not be.

Why is it incumbent on the business to check?


Horncastle Place

Goose Creek

Top picks for 2024

Sen. Tim Scott is a good man with a compelling life story, but I wouldn’t bring him to a knife fight.

I don’t judge people by the color of their skin, but I do believe that one must do what one must do to save our country, and preserve the ideals that make it the greatest experiment in democracy.

Allow me to make my choice for the next elections for president and vice president. These are people who articulate the values I hold dear.

For the presidency, I choose Candace Owens, a Christian conservative black woman who will be 35 in 2024.

And for vice president, I choose Ben Shapiro, a Jewish conservative white intellectual.

Both espouse American values and have the courage of their convictions.

That’s right, black and white together, representing the aspirations of a united Judeo/Christian society, one for all, and all for one.


Cooper River Drive

Mount Pleasant

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