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Letters: Farewell to Jim Booth, friend of the Morris Island Lighthouse


One of painter Jim Booth’s favorite subjects was the Morris Island Lighthouse. Provided

The passing of Lowcountry artist Jim Booth last week will be felt by many of us in coastal South Carolina.

Jim was a well-known artist and loved to paint what he saw around the Charleston coast. One of his favorite scenes to paint was the Morris Island Lighthouse, which he did many times.

Jim was an activist, too, and when he saw an opportunity to use his talents, he did.

He willingly donated from his collection, selections from his treasure chest for different causes.

One especially memorable example of his desire to help others and their causes involved Morris Island Lighthouse.

When a group of James and Folly Island residents were trying to find a way to acquire the lighthouse in 1999, Jim stepped forward and not only joined the group as a founder of Save the Light Inc., but offered to donate 400 prints of a special painting of the lighthouse.

“First Light” beautifully captured pelicans flying by the lighthouse at dawn with the surf already above the foundation of the tower.

Jim was so confident the painting would be sold out that he agreed to cosign a signature loan with the bank when Save the Light Inc. borrowed the $75,000 to purchase the tower from the owner.

The group negotiated the purchase of the lighthouse for $75,000, borrowed funds from the bank, released the print (which sold out in record time), paid off the short-term loan and celebrated by burning the paid-off note at the next meeting of the group.

Without the wisdom of Jim and his special talents, the group could have never gotten off the ground.

Farewell to one of the Charleston region’s most famous artists, who loved what he painted and welcomed those who visited his gallery with a smile.


Sea Eagle Watch


No to bridge project

Charleston County Council has made some bad decisions lately, including the Naval Hospital and Joe Dawson’s contract.

Building a $30 million pedestrian bridge over the North Bridge would be another.

The North Bridge is a six-lane highway that intersects the Interstate 26.

There is no need for pedestrian or bike access to I-26. This is evidenced by the county project manager remarkably explaining “we’re trying to show there is a need for this.” That is because there is not one.

There is a CARTA station at the corner of Cosgrove and Rivers avenues in North Charleston and a stop at the McDonald’s just over the bridge in West Ashley.

Anyone desiring access between these two cities has this public transportation available to them if they are not driving.

If the county is looking to spend another $30 million, invest it in infrastructure at the Cosgrove-Azalea Drive intersection in North Charleston and the Cosgrove-Orange Grove Road intersection in Charleston.

Both areas could use some beautification.

We must stop allowing a few bureaucrats to make horrible and expensive mistakes with taxpayer money that would benefit, at best, a small group of people.

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One Cool Blow Street


That's no defense

If gullibility and ignorance of the truth are legitimate defenses for the egregious acts of treason and insurrection perpetrated on Jan. 6 at our nation’s Capitol, then the followers of the Charles Manson cult should not have been held responsible for the murders they committed at his bidding in 1969.

They could claim that they were misinformed and misled.

Hogwash. We are all being bombarded with the same misinformation and lies. The difference is the choice one makes.

The people who choose

to believe the misinformation and lies still perpetrated by Donald Trump and his panderers do so because it supports their prejudices, biases and anti-intellectualism.

If those on trial for their heinous acts on Jan. 6 had any honor, they would take full responsibility for what they did and demand that Trump be held responsible for his part in it.

After all, Manson didn’t wield the knife, but he was convicted of first-degree murder for directing the deaths in the Tate-LaBianca killings.


Ashley Avenue


Headline sings

Maura Hogan offered an excellent overview of Spoleto in Sunday’s Life section of The Post and Courier.

And she had me at “A” with her headline, “Arts critic homes in, sums up and noodles out Spoleto performances.”

Not only was “homes” used properly, as it so seldom is, but the whole headline was such fun to read.

Many newspapers assign the task of creating headlines to a person other than the writer, as it requires a special skill to create short, pithy copy to draw in the reader.

Well done, Ms. Hogan, for displaying your multiple talents.


State Street


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