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Letters: Charleston's Sea wall not enough to prevent flooding

Seawall letters

A private firm's rendering of a sea wall along Lockwood Drive. Robinson Design Engineers took pictures of existing Army Corps sea walls and placed them at locations around Charleston. The Corps has not created its own renderings. 

The residents of Charleston need to pay attention to what the Army Corps of Engineers wants to do to our beautiful city.

The Corps wants to build a wall that would range from 3 to 10 feet tall and wrap about 8 miles around the Charleston peninsula, according to City Councilman Mike Seekings.

The reason for this wall is to stave off hurricane storm surge, not flooding.

We have not had a significant surge since 2017’s Hurricane Irma, which had a storm surge of more than 10 feet.

Under the current alignment, a portion of the peninsula would be unprotected, but that may change, Mr. Seekings said.

Charleston soon will have to decide whether to kick in its 35%, or $384.5 million. The actual construction would take roughly more than a decade and the cost to operate and maintain the wall would be paid each year by the city.

I see this as a huge waste of our tax money and federal funds that could be used to actually do something about the flooding.

Everyone opposed to this needs to contact their City Council member and tell them to vote against this sea wall.

Here is our chance to step up and do something positive.



McMaster’s blinders

Gov. Henry McMaster told reporters at a Nov. 4 news conference that he banned all of his Cabinet-level agencies from enforcing COVID-19 vaccine mandates from President Joe Biden.

“We have been stunned by what we have seen — stunned. I have never seen a president go as out of bounds of the law as this one.”

If Mr. McMaster would take off his blinders, he would see just how “stunningly” nonsensical these statements are.

Former President Donald Trump was impeached by the House for bribing a foreign leader to concoct false stories about a political opponent’s family member and for inciting a riot to decertify the results of a national election that he lost.

This resulted in an insurrection and a violent breach of the U.S. Capitol and deaths of four Capitol police officers.

He also personally contacted state election officials to pressure them to fraudulently change official vote counts, post-election, to show him as the winner.

Mr. McMaster seems to be saying that the actions by Mr. Trump were not bad but that Mr. Biden’s actions that attempt to save American lives is “stunningly bad.”

I ask the governor to exercise positive executive leadership for the citizenry that he was elected to protect.

He should take off his blinders, leave the executive club car on the Trump train and end these obstructionist actions.

Overwhelming science-based evidence proves that vaccines work and will save lives across South Carolina.

That should pre-empt any personal and political agenda.


Mount Pleasant

Keep Roper downtown

I read with interest the recent Roper Hospital announcement about its plans to move off the peninsula.

Perhaps people do not realize what the loss of a major employer means to communities. If not, ask every small town in South Carolina that has lost a mill.

How much would this state pay to attract a new employer with this many highly paid employees?

I suggest our politicians at every level get together and develop a plan to keep Roper in the city.



Litter piling up

Let me add to the pile regarding local litter and trash.

Driving along I-526 last week between Savannah Highway and International Boulevard, I was shocked and disgusted by the amount of garbage strewn along the roadsides and in the median.

This is an embarrassment to everyone who is proud to call the Charleston area home. And imagine what visitors traveling to and from the airport must think. Have we no self-respect?

How can this be solved?

I’m sure many people would volunteer to clean it up, but I doubt the S.C. Department of Transportation wants folks walking along the interstate.

Something needs to be done.



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