I note with relief that U.S. judicial nominee Thomas Farr seems to have lost support from Sen. Tim Scott. Mr. Farr was involved in gerrymandering districts and targeting African-Americans with a voter ID law in North Carolina. This alone should have disqualified him.

But it was only when more evidence of Farr’s involvement in the late Sen. Jesse Helms’ attempts to disenfranchise African-American voters cropped up that Sen. Scott’s lengthy “research” finally led him to a “no” vote. Let us now hope Mr. Farr’s nomination will be withdrawn.

I applaud the fact that Sen. Scott made the right decision, albeit after an inordinate amount of time, but what of our other senator? I am curious as to why Sen. Lindsey Graham would be so fond of such a nominee. Sen. Graham shoulders much of the blame here because the judicial committee on which he sits delivered this nominee.

Sen. Graham has an infamous ability to elude examination of his stance on such issues. (Do we ever really know where Graham stands?) Sen. Graham should be held to account for his support of a man who has tried to deny African-Americans their right to vote.

Joseph Reynolds

Parkside Drive

North Charleston